Screen setup on Windows

I have 1 pc to the server, i want to connect it to the 4 TV screens. What materials should I use? Do I need HMDI cable to do this?

HI Jean_Magallones, welcome to the community!

How to proceed will depend on whether you want to create:

  • A multi player installation, which uses four Xibo players running from the same machine, each with its own screen.

  • A video wall, which is one player but the media is spread across all connected screens.

If you decide to create a video wall, please make sure to read the requirements section of the guide carefully, as you are planning to use more than two screens.

In both cases you will need to have a PC that has all of the video outputs you need to connect to each display.
If you plan to use four screens then your PC/graphics card will need four video outputs. HDMI is the most common video output port that is used for this type of setup, but you will need to check you hardware to see what you have.

I hope you find the documentation links help you to set up the display type you plan to use.

Many Thanks.

what are the hardware requirements needed. can i have a diagram model for this on how this works?

can i use 1 pc and 3 tv screens with just using hdmi cable and hdmi splitter and just extend the display when using xibo digital signage

this is what i am planning to make

Thank you for your reply. I’ll answer each of your questions in order.

what are the hardware requirements needed

The hardware requirements for making a video wall are stated in the document link I provided:

can i have a diagram model for this on how this works?

A multi player install would work like this:

Each player is independent and will have a separate event schedule showing.

A video wall would work like this:

You have a single player that has a single event schedule, which is spread across all connected screens.

can i use 1 pc and 3 tv screens with just using hdmi cable and hdmi splitter and just extend the display when using xibo digital signage. this is what i am planning to make:

This depends on the splitter you plan to get. Many splitters just duplicate the signal they receive and send it to all connected screens. Meaning you would have a single player on your PC and the layout you schedule to that player will be sent to the splitter, then the splitter sends that same signal to each screen, so they would all show the same thing on each screen, not as one large image. Is that what you want to achieve? If yes then a splitter will do it for you.

If you want to use a splitter that will give you a setup like the video wall diagram, you will need to make sure the splitter supports merging the screens into a single image instead of just duplicating the signal on each screen. You would have to test your splitter to see if it works in the way you want.

If the splitter does not create a video wall, then please see the guides I gave you.

Many Thanks.

Yes, i just want all show the same thing on each screen so it will be synchronize and just have one pc where i will install the CMS and the player.

Thank you for your reply. If you want them all to show the same thing in sync then a splitter is the best way to achieve that.

Many Thanks.

Will this work in every PC and TV screen brands?

The splitter is responsible for splitting the signal and sending to each connected screen. As long as your screens and PC have the correct inputs/outputs to connect to your splitter I would expect them to work. Not every PC and TV will have the same inputs/outputs to match the splitter (not all TVs and PCs have HDMI outputs).

Many Thanks.

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Regarding my set-up, I want my windows player to show on the 2nd screen by dragging but I can’t do the dragging

I want this so I can still work on my PC

The Xibo player cannot be dragged to different screens. You need to set the position and size of the player region in your Xibo CMS.

  • Go to the Displays menu in your CMS .
  • Click the button at the end of the entry for the display and choose Edit.
  • When the Edit Display window opens, go to the Settings tab. You will see these override options:


You have to set these options so you can move the player to a different position than the default. What that needs to be set to depends on how you have configured your PC.
Once you have set the coordinates and player size, save to confirm the change. The next time your player connects to your CMS it will receive that change. You will need to restart the player for the changes to be actioned.

What’s the best solution, i installed the CMS and player in one PC but i still want to work on my pc . I have shown you the concept in my last post

You could try creating a setup that has two desktops. The first desktop could be for you to work, the second is where you set your Xibo player to appear. You need to do that by setting the coordinates/offset I explained in my last message.
Once you have done that, you will need two video outputs on your PC:

  • One output for showing desktop 1 for you to work from.
  • The second output connects to your splitter, so the player showing on desktop 2 is sent to the splitter and duplicated across each screen connected to your splitter.

Is there any software that I can use for this issue? Instead of using 2 desktop

You would have to research that. I don’t have any software I can recommend for your setup requirements. I’m not sure why you would need software to achieve this type of setup.
You need one video output that gives you access to the desktop for working, then another video output that displays the area on your PC that you have configured the player to appear.

Can you please draw a diagram for this

What is the hardware requirements for my PC to run xibo cms and windows player

Your diagram of the setup that you pasted into a previous message already shows you how this works, except you draw an extra line from the PC to a separate screen, which is the one you will use to work from.

The hardware requirements for running a Xibo CMS and player at the same time vary so greatly that I cannot give you a definitive spec. It depends on how many other players you will connect, how often they will collect data, the size and frequency of changes to the media you will use, whether stats will be enabled, and a lot more.
I wouldn’t recommend any less than 2GB or RAM, or any less than a dual core processor for just running your CMS. You likely want the same for your Xibo player at minimum as well. Beyond that you need to monitor and adjust your hardware to meet your requirements. This is especially true for setups where you want to use a single PC to run the player, CMS and possibly work on the machine as well, which will also require hardware resources.