Schedule not updating on Android client

Hey Everyone!

I have scheduled two layouts running as follows:
Layout 1:
Friday 12PM - Saturday 01AM
Layout 2:
Saturday 01AM - 06AM

However, the layout will not change accordingly. Anyone who can help with this issue?
I have tested the setup on a Windows client, here it is running just fine.

Best Regards

Have a look at this article:

Hello Alex.

The problem is the layout not shifting, not the layout looping.

However, i found the problem: It seems that the trial license, does not support continuous data-transfer between the CMS and the Android unit. I solved the problem by purchasing a full android license instead.
Thanks for the help! And for a great product!

Best Regards

Hi Daniel

There’s no functional difference between the trial version (within the trial period) and the full version.

I’m glad you have it working though!