Schedule issues schedule.xml


As I have seen here, Layout and Scheduling problems, it looks like the schedule.xml is truncated where there are too many elements.
Right now, is truncating layouts with 40 elements, because our video names are in the thousand. I have read that you solve this issue in version 1.8, but we are far away of deploy that version, so I would like to know if there is any way we can solve this temporally.


Temporary solution would be to split your layout into 2 (or more) layouts, so then each layout will have less dependencies.

Other than that, you’re correct 1.8 CMS and players handle this much better, there should not be similar issues on that version.

Hi Peter,

Is there any way to start over with the name of the videos, I mean, to start renaming the videos like 1.mp4 instead of 1000.mp4?


You can’t I’m afraid.

They are internal identifiers and so can’t be reset.

There’s an alternative to splitting the layout up. You can make a patch to the following line:

Change that so it reads:

$layout->setAttribute("dependents", '');

Note however, that will prevent the Players from checking whether all files required to show a layout are downloaded before they start to try and play it. They should recover, but during download, you will see the Player start to show layouts, and then fail back to the splash screen when they are unable to.

Thanks Alex, I will take a look into it.