Schedule and Required File Status sleeping

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Please can you help me?!
Im using Xibo for an University. I have created one Campaign with 2 Layouts (1. Video 38 sec, 2. Website 2 min), it works fine for several hours and than everything black on TV. I press i on Xibo Client wich tell me “Schedule status = sleeping” and “Required File = Sleeping”, as in the picture. What is the problem and how to solve this?
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The sleeping is normal. it goes to sleeping when it is done doing the check for new content. after a period of time, it will wake back up and check for new content.

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You might be hitting an issue we had where if a website became unavailable the Xibo Player stopped working. Can you try with 1.7.5 which should fix that issue?

Thanks for your reply my friend!
@mmangels Ok i understand but where can i change this period because the TV stands black for a long time??

@dan Thanks for your reply my friend but im using 1.7.5

The TV shouldn’t go black - there isn’t a setting to make it go black :smile:

The screen shot you’ve provided shows that the player thinks its running layout 25 - which I think is that you are expecting too.

Can you enable auditing in the display settings profile, restart your player and then repeat your test?

Ha ha ha!! Thank you for seriousness support :grin:. Did you mean “enable stats reporting”???

Displays page → edit your display device → do to advanced tab → enable auditing

Just in case in CMS:
Display settings page → edit profile that you device is using (by default Windows) check:
Collection interval
Download window start/end time

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Under Display Setting, select the profile you are using for your display (ie windows) the collection interval is how long until it checks. I am not sure this will fix your problem.

Thanks broo for you support because im beginner on Xibo, however your co-founder @dan told me on Display Settings Profile instead of Displays Page. Anyway thanks for help both of you, im trying.

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Hello my friends! After I followed your advice for enabling audit on Displays Page. Problem is persistent almost every day and the result on audit is like below:

Any help please??
Thank you!

another screen shots with diferently auidit

So I would expect it to be cycling between layout IDs 27 and 26 as they are both scheduled to run from 8AM today. However I don’t see any log messages to indicate that it is changing between those layouts.

Perhaps you have some long running media on your layout causing it to wait around on a black screen until that media is finished (at which point it should move on).

Can you read this and see if that might be the case?

If not it would be useful to have exports of both layout 26 & 27 to see if there is something on there causing the issue. You could pop them in a drop box or similar for us to look at.

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So I have created one Campaign with 2 Layouts (1. Video SPOT for 38 sec, 2. Website for 2 min). This campaign is scheduled in this mode:
start: 08:00
end: 20:00
Display order: 1
Priority: check
Repeat: daily
Repeat every:1
Until: 31/12/2015 23:00

I have created this schedule myself. Without any infromations. Any error there?

No, that all looks fine - just to be safe the exports of the layouts would be useful.

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This problam happend again. If i make restar this campaign works and after 1-2 days, on the screen is nothing “JUST BLACK” There are the last logs. I tried to upload the logs format but i cant. I do not know how to do this. How to export video too?

I guess probably the best way would be to upload troubleshoot.txt and your layouts to dropbox/similar and share the download link(s) with us. (here or via pm)

So on Report fault page, there is a ‘Collect and save data’ button, which will download your logs and save them to troubleshoot.txt file.

On layouts page, click on row menu and select ‘Export’, it will download a .zip file with your layout.

Thank you Peter! You are very clear!

There is link for troubleshot.txt, require access to me.

Concering “Leyout Export” appear : There has been an application error.Can’t create ZIP. Error Code: 11

What should i do!

Thank you at all!

I’ll have a look at your log file.

As for Error 11 (assuming that you are using 1.7.5 CMS) you might have a permissions problem in your Xibo library on the CMS. You need to ensure that the webserver can write to the whole directory, and any sub directories (particularly the temp one)

EDIT: regarding log file, there are basically only logs about layout export error. Are your display(s) set to auditing? Are they connected to the CMS at the moment?

I dont now how to solve permission problems. Can you help me please!
Yes Displays are in auditing and CMS is connected with them in this moment