Schedule a video every 15 minutes

Good day. Thank you for such a good product.
We like using it, but we are unable to achieve the following scenario -
We have a layout for, say, 2 hours, consisting of various videos.

Now we needed to play an advertisement, a separate video, every 15 minutes.

I can’t set up my schedule to do this…

Please tell me! Thank you

CMS version - 2.3.6 - self-hosted

HI drno88

I was wondering if you could clarify some details about your setup:

  • How long is the video layout you want to show every 15 minutes?
  • Do you want the 2 hour layout to resume from where it got to in the playlist after each 15 minute video layout?
  • What player type are you using and the player version? If you are unsure, go to the Displays page in your CMS, click the Column Visibility button and select the Version column. What does that column say for the display you want to set this schedule up on?

On a side note, I noticed you mentioned you are using CMS 2.3.6. That release is not secure, I would recommend upgrading to 2.3.17 or newer. Here is official blog post about that issues, if you want more information.

Many Thanks.

We will update Xibo-CMS, thank you!

client software - Windows 7\10 - xibo-client-v2-R256.7

general layout - about 2 hours (for example). There are different video files of different durations.

videos for “insertion” - from 30 seconds to 2 minutes.

I just don’t understand how to insert them, for example, as a separate layout so that it plays on top of the current one.
In the schedule settings, if you set the repetition 4 times (for example), then it repeats them one by one, and does not break them up within an hour)

That makes it more complicated if the duration of the layout will change. You will need to manually adjust the event to match the duration of the layout each time.

If you want a layout to play on top of another, you will need to use the overlay layout type. You can set that in the Add Event form, by changing the Event Type to overlay.

That’s correct. You can’t schedule a layout to play only part of its media time line. If you want only one video to play in the layout, you will need to have only a single video in the layout.

This is the type of schedule you could create, assuming:

  • The layout is 1 minute long.
  • It will first play at 12:00, then end at 12:01.
  • it will repeat that behaviour every 15 minutes.

You can see in the above screenshots that I set Priority to 1. That can be any value, as long as it is a higher value than any other events set to display at that time.

Alternatively, you could change the event type to Overlay and that will cause the layout to display over the top of the other layout.

Many Thanks.

thanks for the answer. Yes, I already tried this method. it works, but you have to do too much manually if there are many such clients

In the new versions of Xibo - in 3 and 4, did there not appear more convenient functionality for this?

Hi drno88,

Currently all scheduled layouts are designed to show the entire layout, not just a specific media item from that layout each time it shows. It’s an interesting use case, I would recommend creating a feature request for your use case, so the developers can discuss it and decide whether new functionality will be added to a future release.

I’m sorry I don’t have another solution I can offer.

Many Thanks.

I understand that we need to use a separate layout, with a higher priority.
so that it “overlaps”

As for the feature request - as far as I remember, it was requested 5 years ago))


To achieve the goal of this scenario, I would use the trigger layout function.

I used this documentation as a reference:

In this case, you could create a service that triggers the layout for the player every 15 minutes.

However, I can’t confirm whether this feature exists in the version you are using.