Saved/Apply button spins but doesn't save/apply

Hi All,

I have just installed Xibo as per the following community guide - XIBO step by step Installation IIS 8.5 on WINDOWS SERVER 2012 and looks good so far (I understand this isn’t a supported method so hoped someone on here could help) if I could just get the CMS to work. The only difference is I’m on Server 2016 with IIS 10 but other than that the same.

When trying to save/apply settings within the web UI (for example, approving my first display), the cog appears at the side of the save button and just spins, never actually saving / applying.

I’ve looked around the forum and can find people with similar issues however generally in different environments. With others, it’s been fixed by either permissions of an error in a log. However I’m getting no errors that I can see, and as a test I’ve set the XIBO and PHP directories to everyone full control but still getting the error.

Any info or advice anyone could offer would be appreciated.


It’s probably something with the php more than with the CMS itself, you can put the CMS in test mode / enable audit log level -> recreate the issue -> see if something gets logged about it. (unless you can’t save the settings to enable auditing in which case move to the next point)

If not, then perhaps look in the IIS php logs, I’m not familiar with it, but I assume there is a way to check those as well, although you might need to set the path where it should save logs in the php.ini.

Thanks Peter,

As you say, I can’t save the initial part to try this and unfortunately the PHP logs are blank in IIS.

Thanks for the suggestions though!

Sorry Peter,

Having re-read your message I realised I’d read it wrong! I was able to modify the logging levels and the following is posted when I try to save:
ID 22
Run e0bdc76
Date 2017-12-15 14:25
Channel WEB
Function GET
Page /display/form/edit/1
Message Default layoutId 4 not found for displayId 1

This seems to be relating to the layout assigned to the screen? I was able to create my own, the option to save worked in layouts. I’ve changed the layout on the display and the error doesn’t appear in logs however the issue hasn’t resolved (so I assume they were unlinked).

Interesting this particular error is indeed about the default layout set for display id 1 ie CMS could not find layout id 4 - the default ‘default layout’ is set in CMS Settings (and you can change it when you edit your display for the first time, assuming that you can save the form of course).

While that should not happen, it certainly does not explain why you can’t save other settings in CMS, but they should show different errors on Log page when you try to save them, unless it happens before CMS ie strictly in php, then we might not get anything logged in CMS. In which case I’d expect some logging on the web server side, but I’m not familiar with how IIS is handling that.

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Thanks Peter,

This at least gives me somewhere to start my troubleshooting… I’ll be sure to post back if I find a fix.

After 5 hours of trying, I have resolved this problem - if only I’d have opened my eyes earlier!

On my server we had a web application before that relied on PHP5.3… Although 5.6 was set as the PHP in use, it seems PHP5.3 was still enabled under HandlerMappings. I assumed originally these would work side by side as PHP5.6 was set as the PHP to use for this site but it seems that’s not the case.

Peter thanks for the help, I’d have still been clicking about within Xibo had you not assure me it was server side.

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Ah, that does make sense then!

I don’t think I’d be able to guess that, but I’m glad you were able to find the the problem and fix it.

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