XIBO step by step Installation IIS 8.5 on WINDOWS SERVER 2012

You can also try this http://xibo.org.uk/manual-tempel/en/install_environment_windows_iis.html#http_verbs

Unfortunately, I already added this lines in my web.config :frowning:

Did you try restarting IIS?

Yes, I tried also restart the server.
Could be a problem the WebDAV module?

Hi Michael,
for information, the problem in my case was the WebDAV Module.
I unistalled it.

Thanks for the help.

I have activate monitorChangesTo with phpmanager

Michael –

Thanks so much for your guide. I’ve followed the instructions very carefully. When I issue the “php xmr.phar” command I only get the first line “[2017-07-11 08:57:45] xmr.INFO: Starting up - listening for CMS on tcp:// [] []”. I don’t get the “Bind” and Heartbeat" entries. My Campaigns play, but I get “XMR unresponsive, issue reconfigure” errors. Any ideas on what I have missed. Thanks.

Can you send screenshot?

Thanks for your help on this issue. Here is a screenshot of the config.json and the results of the startup command.

I only get the XMR Unresponsive errors on the Android client, the Windows client doesn’t get these errors. I’ve tried both and for the Private XMR IPs in the Xibo “Settings”. I’ve tried both adding and removing the Private XMR address from the Display Settings. I will verify the Android Client settings to see if I have something wrong there.

Thanks again

I think private adress and public adress should not be same.
You can see my settings

Thanks for the information. I discovered the reason was that my “environment path” setting was set to a different version of PHP (iisExpress v7.1). I set the correct path and got the correct php_zmq.dll files and all is well. Thanks again for the help.

Hi Michael,
I’m looking for an explanation like yours to configure everything for a long time. And I’m glad to find yours.
But I have a problem when I write “php xmr.phar”, can you help me ?


Hello Jarzet,
I am very glad if my guide help anybody.
I think its releated to zeromq settings. Did you complete zeromq steps also?

Yes, I did, the only difference is that i downloaded the TS version and not the NTS version like you because xibo say i have not zeromq when i put the files of the NTS version.

Thank you Michael but I’m still having the same issue of receiving a 405 error. I’m not sure if it’s something between plesk and iis? Any suggestions? Any ideas would be helpful:) thank you!

Hi jesse, I have the same problem, but I have fixed it.

Fix the problem by configuring the web.config file by adding this:

< modules>
< remove name=“WebDAVModule” />
< / modules>

    <handlers accessPolicy="Read, Execute, Script">
  <remove name="WebDAVModule" />
        <remove name="WebDAV" />

I hope I’ve helped,

THANK YOU SO MUCH <3 That worked for me!!!

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Hello guys,

I am having the same issue as Jarzet. I followed the steps but still can’t get the XMR work. Having hard time installing ZeroMQ. I have a windows 7 machine 64bit. The CMS is working fine and the player but not updating changes since its missing XMR.

Can you please assist me.

Hello Alex, first thank for the step by step installation guide, I did followed it really carefully and I am not an expert on the matter I didn’t receive any type of error but when I open the Xibo installation welcome page there are no ticks, exclamation or cross in front of any of the prerequisites. I already followed your guide twice but same thing in both cases. Thanks

Hi Michael

thanks for the guide

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