RSS ticker feeds don't show in region


I am having an issue. I’m trying to load a rss feed as a ticker. The feed is I’ve tested it in the ticker validator, so I have to assume it will work.

I’m using the Windows client:
Duration is 10.
Appearance: Template : prominent title with description and name separator.
Speed: 2
Text Direction : RTL
Number of items: 20
Items per page: 1

As it stands now, I cannot get the region to even display. Nothing comes shows up in that region. I’ve thought that maybe the color of the text is the same as the background, so I changed the background color a few times and still can not see any indication that that region is populated.

Any help would be appreciated.

I’ve already been helped slightly in a separate thread, but now I have a new question regarding RSS feeds.

Which part is responsible for pulling in the RSS feeds? Is it the CMS or the client? The one think I can offer as to why this is failing is maybe because my CMS host is isolated from the outside world. I cannot view the RSS feed webpage from that host. But, the client does have access to the feed. So I’m not sure which is correct for this situation.

The CMS is what accesses the feed - not the Player. The feed must be accessible to the CMS.

You still have your Text Direction set to RTL which is wrong if you post is accurate too! :smile:

I did change the direction to LTR, but that still doesn’t show up.

Is it possible to specify a web proxy for the RSS feed?

Yes but you definitely don’t want it set to RTL unless it’s Arabic or similar so no need to change it back again.

Yes there are proxy settings in the settings menu. You’ll find full instructions in the CMS Post-Installation guide which you’ll find stickied on the front page of this website. If you haven’t already you should work through it as it will help you avoid alot of common misconfigurations - this one included.