RSS Not Showing - Tried Using Embedded Media Type, Data Set

Xibo Team,

Background: I have the Xibo hosted server package and have version 1.8.3 of Windows client on my players.

Problem: I have not been able to get the following RSS feed to work.
There are 4 images scheduled on this link - a Subway, Apple, T-mobile and Heinz Ketchup ad. Plug this into a Chrome browser and you will see the output. Note that the file names are simple as I have seen in the past (on other systems) that a “/” in the file name will cause issues in how it’s read.

Can you please provide me with error logs, screenshots, etc. of the steps needed to make this work? Any feedback or assistance would be greatly appreciated.

I plugged the feed below into the W3C validate by direct input and the only complaint it had was that GUID values cannot be duplicated within a feed. However, this has to be done because otherwise, I suspect the media player will pull the ad twice if the GUID isn’t the same on the same image. We know that this is true for BrightSign.

Ads on Top This feed generates dynamic content for OOH signage. Advertisement Ads on Top Advertisement Ads on Top Advertisement Ads on Top Advertisement Ads on Top Advertisement Ads on Top Advertisement Ads on Top Advertisement Ads on Top Advertisement Ads on Top Advertisement Ads on Top Advertisement Ads on Top Advertisement Ads on Top Advertisement Ads on Top Advertisement Ads on Top Advertisement Ads on Top Advertisement Ads on Top

Ticker with rss feed as source can read your feed.

I’d suggest getting rid of the duplicated entries, unless you want to show the same image couple of times, in any case you will want to use Ticker Rss feed, set some effect and on Appearance tab, set the template with the image -> click the ‘Override the template’ checkbox.

The change the default

that will then show images from your feed.

Hi Peter,

I made all of the necessary changes from your last post and it was very helpful, thank you!. While I was able to get the content to show up in the preview, it is not making it to my screen. I am watching the content rotate in the preview mode however, I just see the Xibo splash design on my screen after I actually schedule the layout.

  1. I have 2 different RSS feeds. Feed A has an MP2 video and 4 images. Feed B has an MP4 video and 4 images.

  2. It appears that video is not showing up in the preview (although the images do) and it also doesn’t display on my screen. Any suggestions?

Feed A:

Feed B:

  1. Do I have to set a duration? The content in this RSS feed already has duration information attached - can your system read that? I don’t want to set a duration in Xibo because I have a 25-second video but then I only want my images to play for 20 seconds. What do you suggest here?

  2. I always set the number of items per page to be equal to 1. However, what if the number of items coming from this RSS feed is always dynamic/changing? For example, it might have 6 items in the feed one hour but then 8 items in the feed the next hour. I don’t know what to put for the number of items field in the system (and I want to avoid having to go in and change this every hour). Does that make sense?

I have my RSS feed updating every few minutes because I need to make sure I can receive new pieces of content coming from various programmatic advertising platforms.

1/2. I don’t think media rss feeds with videos will work, it is not supported as far as I know, which may very well be what’s causing the problems - if you’d open status window on the player after you scheduled your layout it should make it clearer.

3 Feed will be displayed for the duration specified in CMS be if duration per item or full widget duration.
I don’t think we can fetch the duration of a video from feed based on what I mentioned in previous point.

4 Number of items, ie total number of items that should be displayed in this widget, I’d leave it empty in this case, which means it will always show all items from the feed
Items per page, if set to 1 it just means ticker widget will show 1 item per 1 page and then cycle through all items in the feed, so that should be fine.