Restart layout at each interval collector (multiple client)

Hi !
So I’m using Xibo on Windows system, I have a server (Windows PC) and 2 screens link with it.
And my problem is :

When I play Layout1 on Screen1 and Layout2 on Screen2 on each TV, the layout restart after 1minute. Which is the interval collector. But with only one screen I didn t have this problem :confused:
And what’s weird is that they play the layout during 1 minute so its there OWN interval collection that create problem not the other one (but I m not totaly sure).

Can you help me ?

Layouts refresh after the the region with the longest durations ends, collection interval just impact how often players connect to the CMS to download new/updated schedule/content.

What CMS and player versions are you using?

Thanks for your answer. :smiley:
So I m using :

  • CMS : 1.7.7
  • client 1.7.7

The PC Server is windows 10. And actually the problem is only when both client are connect. If I turn off one of them the other don’t stop and finish his layout.
So I’m pretty sure that the problem come from the fact there are 2 client. :thinking:
And for that I follow the guide given here :

Edit : Maybe its something else than the collector inerval but I record the time before it restart the layouts and its 1minute and only my interval collector correspond to 1 minutes :confused:

So if you followed those instructions you have 2 Xibo for Windows players that are detected as one display in CMS.
You could change the hardware key in Xibo for Windows options → advanced tab.

When it will be unique, then both displays will have separate records in CMS displays page.

I think that it might be what’s causing your issue here.

No no I already change the Display ID and they don’t have the same content. This part is OK
I will try to take a little video to show you exactly the problem but it’s weird.
Only 1 screen : Layouts are well played
I add the second screen, each monitor restart their own layout after 1minutes


Ok so here is the video :
Error Xibo
You can see that after 1 minute the ppt start again. (its the same with photo or video)

So I’m running some test right now, I try to put 5min interval collector on only one srceen. But result are crazy !!!
No matter which one have 5min (and the other 1min) they both restart after 5min !!
It restart after the maximum collector interval … :imp:

I really don’t know why … HELP ME :cry:

mm I have a question, are both your players local library paths set to the same path?
If so, well you might want to have separate library for each player and see how it will look like then.

Yes its the same ! I will try and tell you.
Just a question : the path about CMS library and client library don’t need to be the same ?

Players and CMS library paths need to be separate.

In CMS settings you will also want to have fully qualified path to the CMS library. Please see ‘Library location’ section of this post Xibo CMS Post-Installation Setup Guide

Player just needs local library on the same PC that it is installed on.


It was the problem !! Well done :clap: I had no idee it could be this.
But now its working perfectly :slight_smile:


Great, I’m glad it’s working fine now :slight_smile: