Regions display based on specific times of videos in another region

I’m having an issue where layouts, both during preview and production, are displaying one region just fine, but other regions are delayed. There are no timers assigned to any of the regions, only durations. Ex - Region 1 is a set of videos that loads and plays normally. Regions 2 & 3 are slideshows of standard jpeg files. Regions 2 & 3 only start after the video reaches 50 seconds, but then display normally for the rest of the layout schedule. It’s not a set 50 seconds that regions 2 & 3 wait for, just the 50 second mark in the video. If you fast forward through the 50 seconds in the video in region 1, regions 2 & 3 will play as soon as you hit 50 seconds in.

I’ve looked through scheduling and time settings, and as I said, nothing is set to any delay for any of the content. The only time settings are related to the duration of each of the regions. I’ve deleted the delayed regions and rebuilt the layout. I’ve deleted the whole layout and started fresh. I’ve changed out videos in region 1’s timeline with interesting results. Regions 2 & 3 will still delay, but for different times with each video. But, it’s not a set delay. It is still based on a specific point of each video. I can’t figure it out.
Any help is appreciated.

PS - The layout has the checkmark and “is ready to play.”


That’s interesting, it could be hard to achieve even when you would want to do it :smile:
Basically this is how it should work:

Could you please tell us which CMS/player versions are you using? As for player I assume it’s the Windows client?


I apologize for the drastically tardy reply. What fixed the issue was a rebuilding of the layouts from scratch. For whatever reason it worked the 3rd time we did it. We did notice, however, that the preview wouldn’t show the regions even though the displays would. So, I’m going to just count it a blessing that it works and not struggle too hard. Thank you very much for your reply.

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