Re Problem with Xibo Client Config

Dear support,

I write following the issue Problem with xibo client config

The issue was solved in february but, yesterday, the same message came out (There is an error in the XML document (0,0) with the path to the file xibo client config).
I have 2 questions :

  • Why did it happen again ?
  • The way to solve it is to open Xibo player options and write down the informations about CMS / key / local library, am I right ? This will recreate the file “xibo client config” ?

Thank you for your precious help,

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Is the config file there (and not empty)?
C:\Documents and Settings\Username\AppData\Roaming\xiboclient.config.xml

It shouldn’t especially if you’re using 1.7.9 client

Yes, if you re-configure the player and click save it should create new config file (if there isn’t one) or edit existing one.

I guess if that’s earlier version and config file is empty, you might want to delete it, install 1.7.9 client and configure it.

OK thank you for your quick answer.
The player is in a shopping mall, I will go there tomorrow and let you know what happens.

All the best,