R59 - Z-Indexes Ignored

It has been a while since we updated some displays that are running layouts with overlapping regions, but we recently did. R56 to R59. After doing so we found that the Z-Indexes are ignored on layouts. If we create a new region, the new region will show on top of all the other regions, regardless of the z-index settings. (Maybe regions are being displayed base on regionID and not z-index?)

Update: Just found this, I believe it is the same problem

Also, I remember that it seems to me, back about 10 versions ago this same problem was fixed, but I can’t seem to find the post.

We will look at it asap.

It was changed between R56/R59 because the way it originally worked also had problems in certain circumstances (where sometimes the picture would disappear behind the background).

I’m confident it “works on my machine” because I spent hours testing it to make sure - I didn’t appreciate the behaviour might be different on other devices (it also works on Peters z64 - we will test on others)

I just tested on my android clients, and the same issue arises again with the R59.
However! It worked on the fix i recieved from Peter for the R58 version. Did you include this fix?

Fix on R58?? Was that a special version?


I reported a bug similar to this, on the R58 for the Android clients i was running, so i recieved a test-release of the R58 with a fix for the layering issues. I dont know why it didnt work in the R59

I believe Peter has contacted you both via PM and offered a new APK to test? We’ve tested against both of your examples and think we’ve fixed the issue.

Indeed he has. And it works as intended.

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I wish it would work for us. I am thinking that the SurfaceView option on the screens has something to do with this problem. We tested our fixed apk against 1.7.4 which is limited on configuring some of the new features, so the new screen render method is on by default and it also seems the options are inaccessible on the client itself when running against 1.7.4. We do know that when connected to 1.8 alpha the client side options are there. So we may need to upgrade our 1.7.3 to the latest 1.7.6 to see the special apk work. However we have held off doing so because a number of other bugs pop-up that would really cause us some problems. We might be able to overcome them, but currently not enough time to get that all tested.

Unless you are running Video during the test, then the SurfaceView issue wouldn’t be a cause of concern - also if you uninstall the player and install R59, the original surface view is guaranteed to be enabled by default. You can see whether its enabled or not on the status screen.

We’re testing your layout now to see if we also experience the issue.