Layout not displaying properly

Hey Guys.

I have an issue with a layout. The layout consitst of a background and one region, displaying 12 pictures for 10 seconds each.
The problem is: When i preview the layout, it works fine. All pictures are shown. However… When i attempt to run the layout on my Android unit, the first element in the region will display fine, but after that only the background is visible: The elements in the region simply does not show afterwards.

The elements in the region are PNG images

What can cause this? I have attempted the layout on two different android models, on two different locations.

Best Regards

What Xibo for Android version do you use?


AND a quick update: It works if i remove the background? I have tried defining a Z-index for the background and images (Background = 0 and Region = 1) But that doesn’t work either

In this case the revision ie R57 R58 is important.

There were some fixes in R58 regarding similar issue, could you please try it with the newest version?

It seems like that is the one i’m using. I downloaded it from the webpage a few days ago

Hm that’s strange then, could I perhaps have a look at your layout and try to display it on devices in our office?

If you could export it and upload to dropbox/similar and share the download link that would be great.
(you can give me the download link here or via pm if you’d prefer that)

Thank you for your export.

I had a quick look and also scheduled it on my device (displaying it right now) it seems to be displaying it fine, looks quite good actually.

Could you please tell me more about your device(s)?
mark, model, android version, firmware version etc.

For reference I am using minix neo z64 with R58 apk I didn’t do any changes to your layout and it is displaying it fine.

Side note: Quite a nice prices you have there :wink:

Hmm… that is strange. But thank you :smile:

For hosting i am using a VPS with 1GB Ram, 30GB SSD, a 100/100mbit connection and 2 cores of 2.7GHZ each (Might this be the issue? I have around 7 different layouts running at the same time, on 24 screens, one of the layouts is using Video)

I have tried the android client on two different models. (Android 4.4.2) (Android 4.4.2)

Well if you ever come to Denmark i will hook you up haha :wink:


I just tried adding the layout to a Windows PC i forgot i had.

Here the layout works, so it must be a problem with the android client, or maybe the android models?

I don’t think that’s server/CMS issue, if I had to blame something I’d focus on device itself.

We will do some more testing on a different models later this week, in ideal situation we will be able to recreate your problem and from there try to find the cause of it. If it will be possible to fix this by some changes to the apk we will definitely do it.

Unfortunately for now, you will have to wait till we find some solution to this problem.
I really don’t want to tell you to buy z64 so hopefully there will be some other solution to this.

I guess it might be layering problem that we thought we solved in R58 (apparently not on every device) :worried:

As soon as we will know more or have some definitive information I’ll get back to you.

I just attempted something… i took one of the element from the region and added as background.
The background is therefore partialle transparent (PNG image) and i can see that the background is layed on top of the actual picture, opposite of the windows player which displays the layers correctly.

So it seems that the layering issue is still present on some devices indeed.

@Peter - we need to get this logged as a bug and looked at, it’s been reported again here: R59 - Z-Indexes Ignored.