Problem with xibo client config - Client and Server 1.7.6

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Player and Server 1.7.6
For me, this issue has not been resolved? Sometimes the XiboClient.config.xml is empty and I have to reconfigure the Player.

Every Connection Intervall the XiboClient.config.xml is rewritten.

The Line with XmdsLastConnection changed for every Connection Intervall.

Any idea to solve the problem ?

Sounds like your player isn’t upgraded. With 1.7.6 that file isn’t rewritten every time.

Please uninstall completely the Player and try a fresh install.

I have the same problem with 2 Player. The Version is 1.7.6.

Just uninstalled and reinstalled. Fresh downloaded 1.7.6 Client.
XiboClient.config.xml is rewritten every connection intervall.
The problem is still there.

XmdsLastConnection 2016-03-01T16:51:56.453125+01:00 /XmdsLastConnection

What is that please?

Also I don’t think the fix was that it wouldn’t be written at each interval, just that it wouldn’t be written if the response we got was empty.

Is the file empty?

Sometimes the XiboClient.config.xml is empty and I have to reconfigure the Player.

XmdsLastConnection is the third last line in XiboClient.config.xml and this changes every interval.

What is when the player is terminated via taskmanager when writing the XiboClient.config.xml.

Right so what happens is the Player collects it’s settings from the CMS, and then compares them to the ones in the file, and if they’ve changed then it writes the file out.

In the past, the current date was always part of that settings so they always changed and hence the file was always written out.

The patch in 1.7.6 removes the date prior to the comparison happening, which means that if it’s still being written out each time something else in the Player settings is changing each time.

Please could you run the Report Fault wizard on your CMS and collect a log showing a single player collecting from your CMS two or three times. That will log the complete contents of the Register call (which is where the settings come from) so we can see what changes.

You could either redact the file and post a link here, or if you’d rather PM me a link to the file once it’s available and we’ll take a look.

So longtext for the message field is correct and should allow 4MB of text per entry, yet in your log it’s getting cut off after a few hundred characters which means we can’t see what the CMS is returning. Without that information it’s going to be hard to help you further I’m afraid.

We’ve managed to replicate this locally with 1.7.6 so can investigate the issue locally. Thanks for bringing it to our attention

You may want to test this bug fix exe that should resolve the issue for you:

I will test the new exe for a few days and report.

I can confirm immediately:
With the new Exe-file XiboClient.config.xml is no longer always rewritten.

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