Problem with Local Video looping - Windows

CMS Version

Xibo CMS 3.3.6 (Windows)

Player Type

Windows Player Client

Player Version

Xibo for Windows v3 R310.


How does one go about having a local video on a infinite loop in a multi-region layout on a Windows Player Client?

I started off having the video located on a mapped network drive but later figured it would be smarter to keep everything local on the machine (player client) itself. Therefore, I do not think the issue has something to do with the player.

Below is a cutout of my timeline (including the region for my local video). The original file is 61 seconds long although I guess Xibo always defaults it to 60? Everything is having a duration of 3600 seconds except the local video as evident on the screenshot. The only thing looping at the moment is the ticker. With looping enabled, the local video started reseting itself halfway through which led me to turn it off. Increasing the duration made it stuck at the last second until the set target duration had been reached.

The following article did not give me any solution:

I have looked through the forums and found numerous information regarding the Android Player, but I did not seem to find anything for the Windows client. Any help and/or direction appreciated - thanks in advance.

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