Problem with downloading content 1.8.10

hello im Brighton and im facing a challenge.My xibo client is not downloading media from the server. it has only downloaded two media files and can not download from there. im using version 1.8.10.from the beginning everything worked fine

There is absolutely no reason to create multiple posts about the same problem and add these posts to old existing topics, especially since you added that to completely unrelated topics.

I’ve removed one of your posts and moved this one to the new topic.

Regarding your problem, we’d need to see a screenshot of status window on your player please.
Preferably with auditing enabled.

Thank you for sending the screenshot. The screenshot you have sent is from your CMS (Content Management System), we will need instead, a screenshot of the Status screen on the Xibo Player. To do this:

  • On your Xibo player, click the ‘i’ key on your keyboard. This will reveal the Client Information and Status window.

Many Thanks.

Thank you for sending the screenshot of the Player Status.

The Required File Status is stating that it is currently ‘Outside Download Window’. The Download Window parameters are used to avoid content being downloaded during hours that you may not want it to. It is possible in this case that an error has caused this behaviour.

I have reset this option for you in your CMS, below are instructions on how to do this should the issue arise again:

  • In your CMS, select the Display Settings option.
  • Select the down facing arrow at the end of the appropriate license row, in your case this would be Windows.
  • Select the Edit option from the drop down menu.
  • You will now see the Download Window Start and End time fields. Set both to 00:00. Please note that they may already appear to be populated with 00:00. It is still important to set them again, as a corruption of these settings may have occurred.
  • Select the Save button.

The Layout that contains the video file in question, does not appear to be currently scheduled. Please reschedule this layout in order to begin the download of the file to the Player again.

If, once the layout has been rescheduled for the Player, the issue persists, please let me know.

Many Thanks.

thank you very much everything is now working properly

Glad to hear you’re up and running again.

Many Thanks.