Problem with Default Layout to display

I leave a default layout selected in the player’s general tab, but it always deletes that selection automatically. This is bad because the player is on the black screen and I always have to keep returning to that selection. Does anyone know why this occurs?

Hi, just so I am clear are you saying that on selecting a Default Layout for a Display and Saving, if you then click to Edit that Display the Default Layout entry is then empty?

What CMS version are you using as everything seems to be working as expected in my CMS (2.3.9)?

I always leave this layout already selected, it’s the one that needs to stay 100% of the time, but I don’t know what happens that this field is sometimes blank, it removes the selection I made. the correct thing is to always keep the layout that I selected, but it takes it off without me changing anything. sorry if i wasn’t clear, but this is what happens and shouldn’t.

Could you possibly replicate this on a Cloud Trial? We can take a closer look if it happens there.

Thank you

Expiring modified Layouts?
Expired modified Layouts immediately. This function will interrupt the display as soon as the Player receives the information from the CMS. Significantly increases Network Traffic.

Hi natopx,

I was wondering if you can provide more information about this issue and your setup? I would like to replicate your issue and report it to the developers if a fix is required.

Please can you provide the following information:

  • What version is your CMS?
  • What method of installation did you use, custom or Docker?
  • What operating system is your CMS installed onto?
  • If you switch expire modified layouts back on, does the issue return?
  • You mentioned in one of your messages I don’t know what happens that this field is sometimes blank, it removes the selection I made. How long after selecting that default layout would you see it disappear again?
  • Can you confirm if the machine running your Xibo CMS is being switched off or any other changes made during the period when the default layout setting disappears?
  • Have you seen anything else disappear, for example layouts, media, scheduled events?

My apologies for so many questions, so far I haven’t been able to replicate your issue and would like to understand what is causing the issue and how it seems to relate to the expire modified layouts setting.

Many Thanks.

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