Default Layout disappears from display players

Hi everyone,

We have been having an issue at our organisation for a while now where the default layouts set for some of our displays just randomly disappear without warning.

More precisely, this only seems to happen when we update the contents of the default layout. Upon publishing our changes, all our displays that have that layout set as their default do indeed update themselves. However, after about 5 minutes, approximately 20% of those displays will randomly lose that default layout, and it appears empty in the CMS display settings. As a result, those displays then no longer display the layout, and instead revert back to the Xibo splash screen until it is manually re-set again.

The odd thing is that it occurs to random displays each time - I haven’t been able to find a particular correlation as to which displays this happens on. The problem still exists after reinstalling the play software on our display PCs, and even after reinstalling Windows on them from scratch.

I have only managed to find two other forum posts on the Xibo Communities that talk about this same issue - they are linked below, but unfortunately both have not yielded solutions.

I am hoping someone can help me shed some light into this situation as it is becoming very frustrating for us.

Many thanks

Check network card does not go into standby mode.

Thanks for your reply, but we are running all PCs so don’t think modern standby applies to us.

Furthermore, we have noticed that the issue only occurs when the layout is updated or changed. Do you reckon there might be an issue with our layout that is causing the issue?

Check this setting Expire Modified Layouts?
On Windows Display Settings