Powerpoint display does not appear full in region

i have a problem in xibo client, powerpoint display does not appear full in region.

i’m create layout and add a region.

example: region : 1241 x 924

edit time line -> and i add a power point contain, but when a viewer in xibo clinet, power point display can not full screen in region.

i use
xibo version 1.7.9
microsoft office 2010

Can anyone help or suggest anything?


2 things.

1 - Perhaps set the display resolution in display profile in CMS (Display settings -> edit display profile assigned to your device -> location tab)

2 - Make sure display scaling is set to 100% (in Windows display settings) - especially if you’re using W10.

Thanks Peter, good working.

scaling in windows 10, must be 100%.

I’m glad that fixed it. :slight_smile: