Powerpoint + black screen

Xibo CMS Version: 1.7.9
OS: Ubuntu 16.04

Xibo Client Version: 1.7.9
OS: Windows 7 Pro

I am having issues playing pptx, pps, ppt files via the player. I have tried all three versions.

I am using Office 2010 and 2016.

• I have enabled PPT to play on the displays
• I have changed the registry (for PPT) as indicated on the player machine
• I have saved the PPT as instructed (rehearse timings, window mode)
• For kicks, all UAC’s have been disabled
• I have ensured that the PowerPoint application runs locally on the machine with no issues or errors.
• I have opened and closed the PPT file on the local machine to ensure it plays.

I am, unfortunately, unable to get anything to display.

I set a layout, add the PPT. I have tried all of the above mentioned versions of the file (.ppt, .pptx, .pps) and all give the same results.

I set the duration to the length of the PPT with all timings accounted for (plus a little extra just in case). PPT runs for 10 mins (600 seconds) and I assign the duration during upload for 660 seconds.

There are no errors with the upload of the PPT file (that are presented).

The player starts with the default layout and then kicks in the schedule of the PPT.

When the PPT is supposed to play, I get a blank / black screen.

After the timing for the schedule has completed, it returns me to the default layout.

I have also tried different iterations of the PPT - single color slides, single photos, no transitions, etc.; all produce the same result.

I understand the ‘workaround’ is to export the slideshow as a video - however, one of the main reasons we have looked at xibo is because of the support for PPT files.

As a side note, from further testing / checking:

• Google slides shared presentation does work (did need to restart the player occasionnally)
• Movies play and work.

Aside from the above options, I would like to see if I am able to get PPT to work as it is the format of choice for our staff.

I look forward to any suggestions, ideas or thoughts on this matter.

Thank you and kind regards,


Hi Mark,
just an idea,
did you know that you can save your powerpoint as video and display in Xibo player?

Here is how it goes,
If you are using Office 2010,
you should first make sure your powerpoint layout is set according to your screen which is either 16:9 or 4:4.
I would however suspect you are having 16:9 screen. Once you are done with your powerpoint, just click from the file menu save as and export it as .WMV video which is an exact copy of the powerpoint and.
You should of course make sure the slides changes automatically after xx seconds before saving it.

Newer Office will allow you to save as .MP4 which is even better.


Thank you for your reply. Yes, I am aware of the ability to save the PPT as a movie.

While an option, I am currently set on finding a way to use PPT files with xibo. I read that many people are able to get the PPT’s to play - I am not even at that part of the process… so I feel I am missing something.

Thank you again.


If you press ‘i’ on your keyboard to show player status window, are there any errors displayed there? (when the screen is black it suppose to player .ppt layout)

You can also see if the presentation file is downloaded (under required files on status screen).
Alternatively look in schedule.xml and requiredFiles.xml files (in your player library)

Am I right to assume that there is no other items on the layout and no background image? Just the ppt module?

While we do recommend saving presentation as videos, .ppt original files should work on windows clients as well - assuming that PC running the client also have PowerPoint installed of course.

Basically with the module enabled and PP enabled on display and installed on the PC, it should make at least an attempt to open the file - the registry entries and PowerPoint media items show a "Navigation Cancelled" error when running on the Windows Player / PowerPoint brings up an Open Dialog are just to prevent the dialogue window being opened up each time)


Thank you for your message, advice and some things to try. I will check for this tomorrow when back at work. (Located in Tokyo).

Yes, our layout only has the PPT - no other layers. The display client I am testing with does have Microsoft Office, and PPT is confirmed to function.

I will let you know the results of my check tomorrow.

Thank you again.



I have tried again, however when pressing the letter “i”, nothing comes up - and the computer returns a beep - I am assuming that it is indicating that the input is not recognized.

Performing additional attempts to bring up the status window did not give me any audio feedback, but also did not show me anything on the screen.

The file is in the local library folder and I am able to open the file and present it directly from PowerPoint.

The requiredFiles.xml appears to recognizes that the PPT file has downloaded to the local computer as well.


My schedule.xml is as follows:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
  <layout file="23" fromdt="2017-03-15 10:28:10" todt="2017-03-15 11:28:10" scheduleid="25" priority="0" dependents="42.ppt"/>
  <default file="10"/>

Going back to the status window for the xibo player, is there a way to bring up this window via an alternate method?

To further streamline, I have also ensured and created new layouts and adjusted the PPT file to fit the aspect ratio (4:3 , 16:9).

With the adjusted slide size, I have also tried in all three formats - pps, ppt, pptx.

Unfortunately, I still get a blank screen when the layout is playing.

Please let me know if there are other files or logs which may help point me in the right direction to shed light on this issue.

If there are any further avenues to look into, please let me know. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you and kind regards,

Unless you changed it the ‘i’ on your keyboard should bring the status window, now since you mentioned the ‘beep’ sound, I do wonder if there is a dialogue window open ‘behind’ Xibo that actually has the focus - window asking you to save/run the .ppt file.

Could you please try that - PowerPoint media items show a "Navigation Cancelled" error when running on the Windows Player / PowerPoint brings up an Open Dialog (unless you already did).

Other than that, it would be good to confirm that there indeed a dialogue window.

You can do that by either:
Changing the Xibo player size in Display profile -> Location tab

When it will smaller you will see your desktop as well

Alternatively you could have some other layout running, press ‘i’ on bring status window and change layout to your layout with .ppt - it will make Xibo be no longer ‘always on top’ - so you will be able to alt+tab between other windows for example.


Thank you for the follow up and giving me a lot of things to try.

I will double check I have edited the registry properly and try again. I will also look into the file types manager application as well.

Will also look at changing the player size and trying a different layout that I know works to see if I am able to bring up the status window.

The above will be done on Monday upon my return to the office. (now Friday night).

Thank you for your time and support. I appreciate the help and advice.

Kind regards,



Great news! I see the PPT!

I have double checked the registry settings and all were correct based on the guide - however, I was still not able to see a PPT displayed.

I then tried the “File Types Manager” app and made the documented changes. After running xibo again, the PPT did appear and is playing.

Will be doing additional testing on Win 10 later as we are migrating over the summer.

Aside from that, I am very happy that it works. Thank you very much for your suggestions, help, and feedback. It is greatly appreciated.

Thank you again and kind regards,


I’m glad to hear that!

Hopefully you will not encounter more issues with PowerPoint :slight_smile: