Playing RTMP stream


I want to play an RTMP stream on our DSD DSCJ18 with Xibo. We’re using Mistserver and we have a couple of choices here:

HLS (.m3u8), rtmp protocol stream, .ts stream and a progressive .flv stream.

None of them seem to work with local video, or by even embedding a stream that does work on a computer.

Are there some best practices to get a stream working on the Android playout?

RTSP would be best in localVideo widget, HLS stream can be added to the HLS widget (assuming you’re running 1.8 series CMS).

Hi Peter,

We’re on the hosted CMS

Unfortunately MistServer does not have RTSP, only RTMP. We’re using vMix as playout to stream to somewhere. I tried this but all I get is a grey window with some sort of “film role” with a play icon as if the type of video cannot be played