Player stops playing

Hi guys,
i am having a player with a layout that includes 4 webpages (web URL coming from internet).
My player version is 1.7.8 and CMS connections is perfect.

player runs only about 30 minutes and after that it switches to black screen with no content.
When i go to player remotely i can see the black screen and also watchdog running.
If i try to open player settings i only see the icon on taskbar and the settings never opens.

When i restart the player it works again with out any problems for 30 minutes and than gives black screen.

I have checked the following but didn’t help much.

Any ideas what is wrong?


What’s the duration of your layout? I wonder how many times are those web sites refreshed before it all goes black.

Just in case it could be good to confirm the issue on 1.7.9 client/cms as well.

I assume that IE11 is installed and windows registry for browser emulation is also correct?

Hi Peter,
thanks for the response :smiley:
I have tried 10sec, 15sec and 30sec where the result was same and than started to think of the browser.
My display setting was created to use CEF as browser and when i unticked to use the CEF browser,
everything started to work.

I believe the problem was because of the CEF.

Best regards

That’s very likely, CEF was always in beta stage and not really recommended.

I’m glad it’s working now for you.