Player doesn't play new content

Hi i have a question and it keeps me busy for days.

I installed Xibo on my webserver. I made a test setup with two layouts and try to schedule it but for an unknown reason the player doesn’t dowload the scheduled layouts. Even a little change in the default layout won’t be picked up by the player.

I checked several things which i read from other topics ::

  • Checked the modules
  • Checked if there is a time frame for downloading content (in my case it’s 00:00 to 00:00)
  • Set the time to 1 minute

My player and my CMS are both 1.7.7.

A screenshot of my player is enclosed.

Thanks in advance.


Ok, so you did ‘verify all’ on modules page and that didn’t help.

What about fully qualified path to the CMS library in CMS settings?
Can your client correctly read/write to its library location (also make sure it’s separate from CMS library)

Any [X] on Report fault page? Any other errors in logs?


the path to cms is on my server in /public_html/xibo/map
The permissions are set tot 775 which is all except write by public
There are files in that directory. Is that what you mean with fully qualified ?

I made a print of the report screen. Beside the internationalization and file size , i don’t see any problems.

Fully qualified path like in this topic: Will not pull content

So in CMS settings, if would be recommend to have full path there, so for example:
Say your web root is /var/www/xibo and therefore your CMS library is currently at /var/www/xibo/library/ then the setting in the CMS should be /var/www/xibo/library/

If that won’t fix it, you’d need to enable debugging (on the report fault page) and auditing for your client (on displays page) and see if there is anything else in the logs.

Peter thanks a lot. You’re right, it was the full path. I thought i found the right path but i forgot one slash.
I used a simple php script to determine the full path.