Play window is shifted

Hi, I’m having a strange issue, on some clients (2 out of 8 in total) the player window is shifted randomly to the lower right side of the screen. Sometimes the player is already shifted when it starts, and usually it is gone with one or two reboots and then it come back after some time.

basically when it happens I’ll see a bit of the desktop behind the window on the left and upper sides, the whole content seems to be shifted down and right (it gets “hidden” outside of the screen).

CMS is in version 2.3.9 (docker)
Player is in version windows 2 R257.2-257
Player platform is Windows 10 Pro (up to date)

Can someone help me ?

I wish you all a nice day !

Hi Gaetan_BRISSARD, welcome to the Xibo community!

Thank you for posting about this issue you have discovered on your R257 player. Could you confirm:

  • What steps are taken when the player is started? Does it start automatically or do you manually start the player?
  • What is the full version of Windows are you using? Please make sure to include the build number in your reply. If Windows is not up to date on your machine please can you install up dates and confirm if the issue persists?
  • Do you have a monitor connected to the PC when the player starts, and if yes is it switched on when the player first loads?
  • What player version were you running before you upgraded to R257? If you uninstall R257 and return to that version does the issue persist?

If there is any other information about your setup that could help me replicate your issue please do pass that on too.

Many Thanks.

Hi !

So the player starts automatically. The computer is set to boot at a defined time in the morning, then a Windows session is set to autologon and then the player starts when the session is opened. One interesting thing to note is that I’ve had the issue this morning on a player that is physically near to me and left it untouched on purpose. Now that I’m looking back at it, it seems to have returned to a true full screen.

The computer is running Windows 10 2009 (Build 19042.746)

Yes, a screen is always connected to the client. As it is powered off at night the screen usualy goes to power saving mode and wakes up when the computer starts. By the time the player starts the screen is already showing an image.

So I was running both CMS and client on version 1.8.3 not long ago, I’m in the middle of the migration process. The old client (1.8.3) on the new CMS was not giving any issue, it is since I’ve updated the agent (by uninstalling the old one and do a fresh install of the new one) that I’m experiencing this issue.

I can surely give you more info should you require it, but nothing significant is coming to my mind right now.

Thank you very much for the help

Thank you for providing the answers to my questions and the extra information, this is very helpful. I will continue to test and see if I can replicate this.

In your original message you mentioned that this is only happening on some clients, (2 out of 8 in total). Could you check that all of the PCs are updated to the same version? If you notice any differences between the 6 PCs that do not have this issue and the 2 that do, including player settings and the scheduled layouts, this could also help to understand what is happening. If this was an issue with R257 I would expect that all 8 players would consistently have this issue but it’s very interesting that only a couple do.

I also noticed in your first message you said that the player window is shifted randomly to the lower right side of the screen. Sometimes the player is already shifted when it starts. Does this mean that the player can start without this issue but after a period of playback it can happen suddenly? If yes, after how long might you expect to see this behaviour?

When the issue occurs again, please click the i key on a connected keyboard to reveal the status logs for the player. If you could take a screenshot of all of the log entries on that page while the player is shifted, there may be an error or other event that will shed some more light on this issue.

Many Thanks.


All clients are up to date (centrally managed) but only 3 of them are running R257 as I’m in the middle of my upgrade process (which I’ve paused due to this issue).

And you’re right, the issue can happen (or even resolve) in the middle of a playback.

I have something interesting about the layouts as the two faulty players are the only ones having a web page widget in their layout and being on R257 (and they play the same layout as well). The others usualy plays video but I have one other player displaying a web page (a local HTML file to be precise) but it is still running 1.8.3.

Here’s the screenshot of the “I” menu of one of the players on which I’ve had the issue this morning. I’ve also exported the log using the “save log” button but I can’t upload it here.

Thank you

And there it is, my third player running R257 now has the issue fresh of this morning. I thought it was due to the web pages displayed on the other two but this one is only playing video files. I think I’m going to downgrade just to see if it is still happening.

My rollback to 1.8.3 seems to be stable so I think I’m going to stick with it for now. I’ll try future versions when they become available.

Hi Gaetan_BRISSARD, please excuse my delayed reply.

I have still been unable to reproduce this, I wondered if you could try setting a size and position for your player to see if this helps with the issue? You can set the player size by following the below instructions:

  • Go to the Displays menu in your CMS.
  • Click the button at the end of the entry for your payer and choose Edit from the menu.
  • When the Edit Display window opens, go to the Profile Settings tab and set the top, left width and height settings for your player.
  • Save to confirm.

Once you have set the player size, please wait for the player to connect to your CMS and receive those new settings. Once they have been received, please restart the player. Can you confirm if the same issue occurs?

Many Thanks.

This is a follow up message about your issue. I can see another community member has said the issue was resolved for them after completely removing the Xibo player and all associated files from their PC and reinstalling it again. Could you give this a try if you find setting the player window does not resolve the issue?

Many Thanks.


I’ve since rolled back to 1.8.3 because I needed to get going with the migration, so I don’t have a R252 client anymore.

The reinstall thing I did it many time per affected display and the issue kept coming back, this was before I even opened this thread. Knowing that someone else did get this issue most likely says that it is coming from this version of the player unfortunately …

I’ll try out your first proposition though, on a clean VM, just to see if I can reproduce and fix it through the settings. But I might still wait for a futur version and stick with 1.8.3 even if it’s old.


Thank you for your reply Gaetan_BRISSARD and for confirming you will try setting the player window size to see if this resolves the issue.

When you reinstalled the player before, did you also remove all traces of Xibo, including the previous local library and any other remaining files?

I have also been discussing this issue with my colleague, who reminded me of an issue previously seen on Windows which would cause the player window to shrink based on the display settings stored in the Windows registry. Below is a link to the guide for that issue, which explains where to find those stored entries. In case this is somehow related to the issue, I would also recommend taking a look at this guide and following the steps. Please note that the settings in the guide refer to a full HD resolution, if you are not using 1920x1080 then you will need to adjust those values to match the resolution of your display.

Many Thanks.

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