PDF's Page Transition Time

Hey! I’m just looking to see if there’s a setting that I’m missing or anything.

Whenever I display a PDF on my Windows client, in between switching pages of the PDF the region flashes white for a good half second before loading the next page. Is there some kind of transition option that I’m missing?


It should be smoother that 0.5s flash, I don’t think I had this issue with .pdf and I’ve tested even the bigger ones that you’ve mentioned in your previous topic.

Could you please double check that you have IE11 installed with the correct entries for browser emulation? (in the correct path on your machine 32/64)

While you’re in registry, you can also enable this Feature/Bugfix inside: Activating GPU accelleration for Xibo for Windows Player / Solution for Slow Stuttering Marquee Ticker & Effects

(not specifically for .pdf but might help).

That definitely helped the speed, though it does still flash white it is for less time!
Thanks for your help