PDF documents not show


I have added a new Windows client under my usual Xibo 1.8.1 CMS, this is the 8th client.
I have assigned the same layout in use on the other 7 machines but in this case the client doesn’t show PDF documents.
Checking display properties, it seems that all assigned resources are correctly downloaded.
No errors on log.

Any suggestions ?

Is this .pdf a bit bigger? If so, it could be related to this bug - https://github.com/xibosignage/xibo/issues/1202

As always IE11 with correct registry entries regarding browser emulation could be helpful as well.

The pdf file is 128KB.
This display is the only that has issues with PDF.

Regarding IE 11 browser emulation (never configured before), what’s the correct DWORD value for Xibo ?

Right, then it’s not that bug, if it works on others displays, then I guess we can say that the .pdf itself is not an issue either.

Could please make sure that IE11 is installed and that you do have correct entries in the windows registry (browser emulation) in the correct path for your machine.

Windows 7 64 bit
IE 11 already installed
DWORD already in place.

if you open your player local library, there should be {number}.htm file with that .pdf, could you try to open it via webserver in IE, the URL that you will want to put in IE by default is http://localhost:9696/{number}.htm, would be good to check if it will open it there or not and if not what error will it show in the console.

Are there any differences between this PC and your other machines?

I got blank page.
It’s possibile that it’s a problem with the port of the webserver ?
Every time I upgrade the clients I got an error that the port is already in use.
Usually I fix this issue changin the port in the CMS.

Here the error:

Exception running server: Failed to listen on prefix ‘http://localhost:9699/’ because it conflicts with an existing registration on the machine.

I think the existing registration is a previous Xibo client installation.

On the other working clients I dont’ see the content using the embedded webserver but I dont’ have errors in logs (and pdf are correctly show).

There’s a way to “clean” old ports registrations ?

If you do have only one player installed, then that should not be an issue, unless other software is using that port.

You can try to completely uninstall the Xibo for Windows and remove xibo config files from /AppData/Roaming

I’m not sure if that’s the typo or already changed port, but by default it’s 9696 not 9699 - in general yes, that error might very well cause layout playback issues.

I have replaced the standard port to 9699 because when I upgraded clients from 1.7 to 1.8 I had tons of execptions related to the port and I changed it.

Regarding the port usage I found this



I have reverted the port to standard 9696, this display client has still PDF issues, the other not.


I have completely removed and reinstalled Xibo from the client, still issue present.

Testing this http://localhost:9696/233.htm I got “Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage”

I have no logs record, no exception errors, all seem ok except PDF.

At least I have removed all pdf and saved them in PNG, issue “solved”.

That’s rather odd, assuming that it is the correct .htm file, although every htm from the library should display something.

I’d expect it to be black if there is an issue with an error in the console :confused:

I’m not sure what could it be specific to this PC that prevents it from displaying it.

As you said images will work, although it would be better to get to the root of them problem with .pdf on this PC.

If you’d be willing to troubleshoot it further, perhaps you could try the advanced logs - How to get a Windows Player log for advanced debugging

Maybe there will be something that could tell us more about this problem.