How to get a Windows Player log for advanced debugging



Under normal circumstances the CMS collects enough logging information from its Players to diagnose simple problems. However there are cases where this simple information is not sufficient and advanced logging will need to be enabled.

We strongly suggest to create a new display profile for debugging purposes, as you most likely do not want all of your displays to start creating log files.

After your log file will be created, please remember to change the display profile back to the usual one, so it stops generating logs when it’s not necessary.

How to get a Xibo for Windows log

As mentioned above, we do recommend to create a new display profile, to achieve that please navigate to the Display settings page and click ‘Add Profile’, give it a name, make sure it’s Windows type and that it’s not default profile.

In order to create player log, please navigate to the Display settings -> Edit display profile -> Troubleshooting tab

Once there, please increase the log level to Audit, and specify the fully qualified path where your player should create the log file.

For example, if you wish to create it in the player’s local library folder you can put the following path in the log file path name field - C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\Xibo Library

Your troubleshooting form would look like this:

Please remember to change the USERNAME to your actual user name in the system.

It does not necessarily had to be saved in the library folder either, it’s just an example.

After you’ve created the new display profile and assigned it to your device, you will need to restart your player

After restarting the Player, please wait for the issue to reoccur, stop the player and navigate to the folder you configured in the Display Settings Profile. The log file is available for you to copy/view.

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