Out of memory at line: 1

Hi Dan

I was testing webpage www.thestar.com on 1.7.2 windows client. (CMS 1.7.2, client 1.7.2, windows 8.1 64bit, IE 11)
I always got an error message “Message from webpage Out of memory at line: 1)” after 1 day or two days.

I searched online, and tried some suggestions like changing virtual memory or disable shockwave flash object, but still had the same problem.

Do you have any idea?

Thanks for your help.

Hi Jian,
I have been seeing very similar results. Non web content will run for days/weeks, while internal web content (heavy flash) that will only run for ~24 hours. We’ll receive the same message “Message from webpage Out of Memory at line: 65” or the Xibo client will just stop responding. We have 19 displays so we see this quite often. We have determined our next troubleshooting steps will be to try different versions of flash/IE. I’m willing to try any troubleshooting steps suggested.

We have seen this on windows clients 1.7.2 and 1.7.3 running Windows 7 64bit IE.

This is probably the dreaded WebBrowserControl memory leak we tried to fix with our CEF integration (unless you have CEF enabled?).

We’ve not been able to track down the root cause of it - the real problem is that IE is leaking its memory into our EXE which will ultimately cause the crash.

It will be solved with either the new xplatform player or when we can get CEF to work reliably.

I disabled CEF, I am testing IE, those error messages are from IE.

Thanks for the input Dan. We don’t have CEF enabled on any of our displays. I configured the watchdog service in hopes this would possibly restart the Xibo client. I’m not seeing any benefit of the watchdog service. Is this the proper use case for the watchdog service?

OK with CEF disabled it is most likely to be the IE memory leak - good to know!

The watchdog monitors a file that the player application should update at regular intervals - if it stops updating that file (because it has crashed for example) then the watchdog kills and restarts the process…

So it would only actually make a difference if the player crashed out entirely.

this is a Reply to an older thread…
we are running xibo 1.8.2 on Windows 10 Clients with Different Hardware (Fujitsu, Intel) and unfortunately have to Report exact this error .
the Intervall of appearance is not regulary, some times we see this once a day, sometimes we dont see it for weeks.
What is running in the Player: a simple Webpage and nothing else !!
what we do: sometimes it is enough to log off and log on again, sometimes we Need to restart the Player pc.

Same here.
Running Windows Clients and CMS on the latest Version (1.8.4). My 2 Test Displays are crashing wiith the this errors. This 2 Displays are only for displaying News Pages and Websites with Webcam Feeds.

I tried to set up a scheduled command for reboot the client (taskkill not reboot) as a workaround without success.