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we are running xibo 1.8.2 on Windows 10 Clients with Different Hardware (Fujitsu, Intel) and unfortunately have to Report exact this error .
the Intervall of appearance is not regulary, some times we see this once a day, sometimes we dont see it for weeks.
What is running in the Player: a simple Webpage and nothing else !!
what we do: sometimes it is enough to log off and log on again, sometimes we Need to restart the Player pc.

It’s a well known issue. Certain webpages make the Internet Explorer control leak memory uncontrollably.

We do have a but logged for it already, and have taken all mitigations we currently can to improve things.

If you haven’t already, it’s well worth ensuring you have the latest video drivers from your hardware manufacturer (ie Intel not Dell if it’s integrated graphics) and all the .net framework updates installed, as this can resolve it for some people.

I alex, are there any other possible workaround for this issue?

Both of my clients have up to date .net framework installations and drivers.

If it’s a slow leak, then organising a nightly reboot can resolve it for some people.