Open Source Xibo


Xibo is primarily an open source digital signage solution - what does this mean for a reseller?

The open source software is free software and cannot be sold, however you may provide the software to customers free of charge and charge for value added services (installation, support, design, etc). This is covered under the AGPLv3 licence and you do not need a reseller agreement with Spring Signage to do this.

Your customer must be informed of the open source nature of the software and must be provided with a copy of the source code on request. Xibo for Android is an exception and can be branded and sold as closed source via the Xibo for Android white label.

Understanding the AGPLv3

The Xibo website has a page with some basic guidelines on the licence.

We strongly believe that the advantages of open source software outweigh the perceived disadvantages - resellers are naturally encouraged to provide excellent service and/or value added services and they get regular platform improvements generated by the community.

White Labelling

Any white label produced for the products listed above must retain the licence notice, copyright notices and satisfy the terms of the AGPLv3 licence. The white label provided by Spring Signage includes:

  • Source Code link on the login page
  • About Link pointing to the AGPLv3 licence
  • Copyright and Licence notices on the About Popup

CMS White Label

A white label can be generated which removes the “source” and “about” links from the login page and also alters the text that appears within the “About” page in the remainder of the CMS. Removal of these items does not release the customer or end users from the terms of the AGPLv3 licence and therefore the licence must be satisfied by the customer via an alternative means.

To enable this the customer is required to open a ticket to request a document template which explains how the licence terms will be met. If we agree the requirements are satisfied then the options will be enabled.

There are 3 main points to consider, this is not an exhaustive list and the AGPLv3 should be read and understood in full before submitting a request for these items to be removed.

  • The source code or offer of source code must be distributed to your
    users by another means.
  • The source code copyright and licence notifications must not be
    modified from their original appearance in the source code.
  • The licence must be distributed to your users by another means.

Xibo for Android
Xibo for Android is a commercial application provided by Spring Signage that helps support and fund the project. It is released under a commercial licence and is not subject to the above limitations.

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