Form window is not closed when saving a new event


Everything works on the calendar: save, delete, duplicate options, etc. but the form does not close. i have to refresh page or press “cancel” to close it.

This also happen when i add a layouts to a campaing.

Thanks in advance.

Version 1.8.8 / VPS Hostgator


Could you update to 1.8.9 and confirm it is still an issue?
(you may want to clear your browser cache after upgrade just in case as well)

Could you also tell me what browser are you using?


Hi Peter, i use Chrome, let me update right now and i will tell you :slight_smile:


Not working for me…


is your CMS available over the internet?

If so and if you can share login credentials with me (you can create some temporary super admin user for me) via private message then I can have a look.

That’s certainly not something I can recreate locally.


Ok, sent. I appreciate your help…


It has to be browser cache if anything.
Please try to clear it / try with different browser.

I had no problems with any forms in your CMS.

You’re using heavily modified theme, possible modified source code, but it was working just fine for me, campaigns, layouts, schedule everything without problems.

The one item that I’d like to mention is, I noticed you’ve changed the link to Source Code / GitHub, just as a reminder you can do that, but if you do then you need to provide the source code / offer of the source by alternative means it’s one of the requirements of AGPLv3 - Open Source Xibo
I’m sure you’re already doing that, just thought I will mention it.


strange… i’ll try from another pc…

we only modify the custom css, nothing more…

Thanks for clarifying this point. I really did not intend to modify anything, how can I reconfigure the source code? Sorry for that carelessness.



Peter, i just try from another browser (IE 11), never enter from here to my site…

And the same issue happen, When I press save, it is saved but the form does not close. (and the gear keeps turning)


I’m not sure what else could it be, since it was fine for me (in chrome).

As for the source link on login page that’s a 'cms_source_uri' in config.php in your custom theme ie


Regarding that forms issue, do you see any errors in browser console / in your server logs?


no errors in both.

How can I be sure if the update to 1.8.9 was correct? When I updated, the gear keeps turning and only says “step 10” and manually updated the page …