Notification widget

Hello Natasha,
Could you please give a little more detail on how to use that Widget, or provide a link to any video or more documentation with examples.
I think it would be very helpful for us to use it, and send notifications to our users using Xibo.

Thanks and regards

I decided it might be better to move your question to a new topic instead of discussing it under the blog post.

The general idea is, in 1.8 series there is a Notification Centre, in which you can create Notifications targeted to a specific displays and/or users -

Now to Notification widget, you can add notification widget to your layout, it will then display notifications created in notification cetre.

For example, you can have that widget on a layout, which is scheduled to 3 different players.

You can then create a notification and select all displays in audience, in which case all players will show this notification.
You can create a notification with one specific display in audience, in which case only this specific player will show it.

In short, you can pass notifications to displays, without changing anything on the layout itself, just create notification with an audience that should show it.

If you’d have any specific questions, do let us know.

Thank you, Peter for your prompt response,
I’m going to try it and start using it, I think is a great feature that we can take advantage off.

Thanks again!

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Excuse me, please. Where is the Notification Widget? I tried and tried, but I can’t see that in Xibo 1.8.7
(Linux/docker, windows players)

You could check the Modules page and ensure that there is a module called
Notification with description Display Notifications from the Notification Centre

and that it is enabled, once that’s confirmed, you should see ‘Notification’ in the layout designer ie:

that will add the notification widget to the layout.

Thanks Peter for your help. I couldnt find it… really strange.
I moved here Notification Widget and old thumbnails