Noobie, What TV to buy to use Android licence and DSCS9 android boxes?


I am going to purchase 6 DSCS9 android boxes from DSDevices Digital Signage. I hope these are the latest recommended devices? I will also purchase 6 Android once off licence fees for each device, I am only using them for one client but I gather I still need 6 licences?

This is my first experience with Xibo so I would like to plan ahead with your guidance please.

Can you please give me a list of recommended TV’s that I can purchase to display my digital signage on? Do the TV’s have to be HD to display static JPG images, I want to use it to display menu’s which need to be crisp and eligible as if I was using print on a poster?

Also, I have an account with AWS and would like to self-host my CMS, can these CMS be hosted on one instance for multiple clients and different TVs?

Do you have a comprehensive manual as a guide for me to follow to self-host the Xibo CMS on EC2 instance?

How does the installation on the android box differ from the cloud hosting is this two different applications?

Sorry, I am new at this and would appreciate as much guidance to start as possible, thank you for what looks like a great digital signage system that I can self manage on the cloud.

DSCS9 is one of the newest recommended devices from DSDevices indeed.

DSDevices will be able to provide you with Xibo for Android licences as well as the hardware itself, and yes each device will need a licence - Licencing your Xibo for Android Display

Regarding monitors connected to the DSCS9 to show the content, there is no list of recommended ones, it highly depends on what you require, the most common solutions should be some 1080p screens with the size that will suit your project the best.

You can and most likely want to have all those displays connected to one CMS, as it will be easier to manage this way.

CMS Installation notes are here -
If you’re able to use docker for this, then that would be the recommended way, but you can use different server if you prefer.

On the android box itself, you only need to install Xibo for Android and connect it to your CMS - actually DSCS9 come with pre-installed Xibo player already - Installation Guide

If you’d have further questions, please do let us know.

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Hi Peter,

Thank you for your response.

Regarding the monitors I was under the impression I would need to use a TV with an Android operating system with the Android box?

When it comes to the installation, I have used Bitnami before with already pre-configured images for other applications.

I checked the Bitnami website and they have pre-configured docker containers with pre-installed framework and database. Please check this link -->

What docker container would you recommend with what framework?

Am I right to say once I have the docker container installed with the container from Bitnami up and running on my AWS Server I can just upload the files from this link -->

Could I extract this file into my container

What I am not sure is if I can setup a docker container independently using Bitnami with one of their pre-configured containers that come with a database and just upload the xibo-docker.tar.gz and then unzip it?