No Edit option on Modules

I’m new to Xibo and testing it out, using the Demo online cloud option (no onsite server). I am testing the various options to see if this will fit our needs. One feature we want is the weather display. I have registered an API key from However, when I go to Modules and find the module, I can’t edit it (or any of the modules) so I can’t add the API key. When I click the dropdown arrow on the far right side of the module in the gridview, there are no submenu options available. What am I missing?

Please have a look at “Third Party Integrations” section of this pinned topic:

tl:dr version - you don’t need it(API key etc) as Spring Signage customer - it’s already pre-configured for you and ready to use.

Thank you - I am new and didn’t read that correctly. I see now that the Twitter module does include an option when I click the dropdown menu, so I understand the issue is due to hosting by Spring Signage vs. having a local CMS. Thanks!