No display character on window clinet


Window Client 1.7.6_32_86,msi was installed on Laptop (IE11 & window 7 home)
CMS was installed in other local computer (window xp, 32 bit)
Two computers are connected with private network through modem. CMS confirmed for Laptop MAC address.

But, Laptop displays only black background without displaying "Welcome to Xibo…"as default layout. Also, I made other color background with characters. Only different color background is displayed without displaying any character.

On localhost computer (window home XP & 32 bit) with CMS and Client, everything is working ok except some glitch.

I will look at old blog:Enabling HTML5 in the Player Changing Register
HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main\FeatureControl\FEATURE_BROWSER_EMULATION
XiboClient.exe = (DWORD) 00011000
You could instead put that key in the HKCU hive instead if you wanted to control this per user.
On a 64 bit workstation, you’ll need to add this key in the 32 bit part of the registry instead:
HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main\FeatureControl\FEATURE_BROWSER_EMULATION

After changing that above, still no character displayed.
Should I setup the scheduling or is window client msi not compatible with my Laptop?

Your support would be appreciated.


So it is registered in the CMS, but seems to not getting any updates from it…

I’d guess that has something to do with path to your CMS library in CMS setting.
You need to have fully qualified path there, please see ‘Library location’ section of this post Xibo CMS Post-Installation Setup Guide

After that is correctly changed it should be ok, if not please send us a screenshot of status window on your device (press “i” on your keyboard when Xibo for Windows is focused)

Hello Peter

Attached is the ppt file.

<img src=“/uploads/default/original/2X/a/af344d299fdd6c50a4b7cb4b0db4d1bfd4713a44.JPG” width=“666” height="500

Slide #1 indicates screen display “Xibo Open Source…” which is ok.
Slide #2 indicates screen display (only black background) without “Welcome to Xibo…”

Xibo Option of Laptop: Address :http://mylocal server IP address/xibo
Key:Server Key
Local Library:C:\Users\Joo\Documents\Xibo Library

When reading URL.Apply existing schedules to different display,
I do not know what else might be changed in either client or CMS remote server.

I only doubt my Laptop, unless there is a missing step.


It’s a connection problem if I’d have to guess I’d say that your player on your laptop simply can’t reach your local CMS.

It would be due to web server permissions / settings it just does not allow connections from other PCs (even in the same network apparently)


I did layout with a picture with Text. Only Picture is displayed without text. In the localhost, there is no problem. If there is connection problem, even picture should not display in the Laptop with window client.

Is there anyone who has tried this in the private network?
No displaying for test keep bothering me.

Also, for other question, how to change CMS library location without reinstalling CMS server again?
I looks at the Dashboard, but there is no any option for changing that.

Last, in the http protocol view, I am inquiring how sever send layout being designed (Text +Picutre and etc) to client as data packet? The reason I ask is because my case displays picture and no display text.

Your support would be appreciated.


So the CMS library is located somewhere on your web server, so the only thing we ask is to provide fully qualified path to it in CMS settings -> configuration.

If it is displaying a picture now and not the text, you could try to do ‘verify all’ routine on Modules page in CMS, you might want to also check player local library if it has all the required files there, because from your screenshot it looks like it couldn’t connect to the CMS correctly.

Hello Peter

so the only thing we ask is to provide fully qualified path to it in CMS settings → configuration.
->c:\test_data/ which is not located somewhere on your web server.

you could try to do ‘verify all’ routine on Modules page in CMS,
→ Please review the attached screentshot.

When looking at the screenshot,there is “x” and “v”. how to change “x” into “v” to enable it if I understand it correctly?

you might want to also check player local library if it has all the required files there, because from your screenshot it looks like it couldn’t connect to the CMS correctly.

→ I checked that my client XIbo Library has some jpg file related to Layout displaying in laptop, but how do I check text embedded in the layout that suppose to be displaying in the client from client Xibo Library, unless there is no any information regarding on data packet transmission (for example, default layout consists of black background color, text which is “Welcome to Xibo…”, and clock), For this default layout case, which one files or file should be checked in client Xibo Library (for my case, C:\Users\Joo\Documents\Xibo Library)?


Well it kind of is, since you’re hosting it from your PC.

verify all is checking if everything is ok and it will also make your players download standard module files again (sometimes it does help with text issues for example)
the X there look ok to me, so when something has an X in library media, it’s ok because you don’t upload everything to library like images- yes sure, but embedded or clock etc. are not uploaded there.

so you should have a 5.xlf file there which you can open with for example notepad++ it will have all the information about your layout. There should also be some <long number sequence>.htm like 44c82e84df9ef63dc8ed5f8a80cc6c72.htm
you can also look at requiredFiles.xml it should have list of all dependencies there.

I think it would be good to see status screen once again, since it seems to me that there was some progress since last time.

Hi Peter

Simple two PC want to connect each other through home network.
I am not sure what could be fixed. Even I try ping command in client to connect to server PC. “Request Time out” has been occurred. Your expert advice would be appreciated.
Even though reinstalling client SW, there is no different.

Your expert advice would be appreciated.

Hello Peter

Attached is the updated screenshot below:



Does anyone have a chance to look at the updated screen shot?


Hello All,

I am stuck at this point, If anyone would provide any comments, it might be helpful for me to troubleshoot it.


Hello Folk,

This issue has been uploaded for a while, any feedback would be greatly appreciated, since I do not have any knowledge for any logging file.


Hello Folks

Based on log data (screenshot), “prepare layout failed” message is displayed.
My understanding is that displaying layout is failed in some reason.
Am I understand it correctly?


Just to recap:
Your CMS library path is?
Your player local library seems to be ok (default path in users/documents)

can you open your php.ini file and find the following line:
always_populate_raw_post_data set it to -1 and make sure it’s not commented out (no ; before it)
restart your web server
restart your client and see if it will be any better.

Hi Peter

I really appreciated for your effort to provide troubleshooting method.