No Dashboard No connection with the client

So earlier this morning i tried to connect my windows xibo client to my ubuntu server by doing this:
But has you can see on this screenshot i have the error code "The Server key you entered does not match with the server key at this address"
The IP adresse is 100% correct and my key is like the one i found in the settings.php page i have in my ubuntu server:

And yes my user can access and there is no fiorewall problem

So i tried to connect to my CMS dashboard but nothing is shown:

I tried to allow my user and it’s group to watch the dashboard like in the reply of this post: Cannot see Menu
And still there is nothing in the dashboard

And if i try to go to: i get an error 500…

i’m using xibo server 1.7.1 and xibo client 1.7.1
Tell me if there is something wrong in my configuration

And yes i know that i put the key during the installation …

I’d highly suggest using 1.7.10 version if you want to stick to 1.7 series (unless you’re and 1.7.1 was a typo)

first issue, you might want to check that server key in CMS settings page

regarding dashboard/navigation menu are you logged in as a super admin or is that a user user type that may lack permissions?

root is my super admin and in the last topic i did i try to update my xibo to 1.8.8 with a manual installation : Github no docker installation problem and it failed because of an eroor 500 for the installation
the version 1.7.1 isn’t a typo and i’ll try to update it to version 1.7.10

do you know the folder/file where there is the key of the server for my windows xibo player?

i updated to 1.7.10 and all of my problem were fixed;
Thanks for your support peter :slightly_smiling_face:
Have a good day!

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