Cannot see Menu

I have an issue regarding the menu not displaying for Admin and normal users. My Super User Account is fine but no oter accounts can see the menu in the left panel. I have set up group and user permissions which should allow the user to see it.

I have seen a post on this happening in earlier versions but it is also happening in 1.7.9. The fix suggested cannot applied to this version.


Could you please double check the assigned permissions?
Especially ‘Top Nav’ permissions?

You can also try to add (for example) index.php?p=layout& to the url in browser ie {CMS address}/index.php?p=layout&
assuming that your user should have access to the layouts page that should work.
It’s just to see if it’s only a visual bug with the menu or is it something wrong with the permissions.

Hi Peter
Thank you for your reply.

Please can you elaborate on what you mean by Top Nav permissions.Are you referring to when you click Settings in side tab and then Permissions on the top navigation. It seems you can only set Layout and Media permissions to public or private.

Permissions have been granted on User Group and User for Menu/Dashboard/Page

I have logged on as the user in question and then applied your suggestion above of adding the following to the URL

I can navigate to the layout page via this method. Menu still not showing though.

Are there any other places I need to set permission other than users and user groups?

Thank you.

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If you navigate to Users / User Groups and edit menu permissions.

There are couple of menus there Administration, design, display etc and there is Top Nav

and that’s permissions corresponding to the left menu in CMS.

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