New Windows Clients do not create new Displays


I have recently added 7 new windows clients to my existing Xibo install that has been running form about 6 months. When I connected the first client a new display was created and it pull the default layout and I was able to schedule it just fine. However when I connected the other 6 clients no new display record was created, instead the mac and IP was changed in the existing display record. Though the hostname or “Name” stayed the same as the first one.

I currently only have two of the new clients connected right now, and both are pulling content just fine, but my delima is that I won’t be able to run different content on each due to they are effectively the same display in Xibo.

I will note that all the new clients are identical Intel NUC pc’s that were imaged using clonezilla from the first. However I did sysprep the install before creating the image so they all have unique SIDs as well as unique hostnames, IP’s, and MAC addresses.

I will also note that my Xibo CMS was 1.7.3 when the new clients were 1.7.4. However I did just update the CMS to 1.7.4 and still no change.

I would appreciate anyone’s help or thoughts.



Hopefully I ready your post correctly and understand your problem.

I too experienced a similar problem when first trying to deploy Xibo clients using an imaging imaging (

I found that if I installed the Xibo client on the base image, ran sysprep, then took an image, the Display ID was not changed/generalized. This lead to problems when adding the displays to the CMS, because the Display ID’s were the same. I don’t recall what we did to fix this, but it was one of the following:

  1. Simply opened the player options on the client and modified the Display ID so it was different than what it was in the base image before adding it to the CMS (all must be unique!). If I had already added it to the CMS, I simply identified it by it’s MAC, removed it, modified the Display ID, then added it to the CMS again.
  2. After deploying the image to a new piece of hardware, uninstall the Xibo client and reinstall it.

I hope this helps.

If I’m not mistaken, right now we have an image with all the settings we desired minus the Xibo client. We deploy the image, install the Xibo client, then add it to the CMS. We also felt that the new Xibo clients are being released so quickly, we ended up having to uninstall then reinstall if we wanted to stay current.

All in all, not too burdensome and we love this project!




Thanks for the reply this did resolve my issue. However interesting enough I did not install the Xibo client before I captured the image. Instead I installed it after applying it to each new computer, and yet this issue still occurred. I did have a copy of the installer on the image so I wouldn’t have to copy it, but I wouldn’t think that should matter.

Regardless I now know where and how to fix this issue so I can work around this, is there somewhere I should report this as a bug?



The description of the Feature post topic says that if you find a bug, post as a ‘Support’ topic, Which you have. Hopefully one of the staff will look at this and reply. I too am interested what is used to generate the Display ID.

Glad we could get you moving forward.




It can happen on the cloned/imaged Windows, it’s not new, it’s not really a bug and we have a FAQ about it:


Also happens on cloned Android devices. Simple solution is to Clear Data and Clear Cache, then reconfigure Xibo.



Where is the display id stored? is this something I could set in the default.config for a device? Right now I am having issues with clients resetting and losing the xibo config settings. I am setting my path and key in the default.config, but what about setting the unique display id? All my devices are a from an image, so I can’t let windows create it for me or it will be a duplicate. Currently, we manually set it when installing xibo, but I need help with recovery process right now.


I have installed xibo cms 1.7.9 using xampp on Windows 7 and I also installed the android player on the TV using vpn and it worked fine on the first display but when I try to add more Clients it will connect without asking me to give permission and on the cms display section the player doesn’t add up, it shows me the same name but different ip which a new player have and it will go back with the


Please see the FAQ on this here: