Need help for XIBO DIGITAL SIGNAGE with Queuing Management System

Good day to everyone over here ,

As the topic subject , we would like to use XIBO to integrate with Queuing Management Ticketing System , after searching the forum and user guide over the XIBO website and we unable to find the much more guide or help around .

So we have no choice to ask and create a new topic over here . Any guru able to guide or help us over here are much appreciated .

Once again nice and thank you .

It would be helpful if you could provide more details as to what exactly you want to accomplish. What does the Queue Management systems output that you want to display? What format is the data in? How do you envision the final product working?

Thanks for the reply ,

naturally we do have our own Queue Management System which using the traditional ways , however we would like to change it to a newer ways of combination of both DIGITAL SIGNAGE , and our old system will try to have an output to push the numbering into XIBO .

Is there any ways of xibo able to import the numbering TEXT FILE and display into any of the digital signage content ?

I think you would want datasets or utilize a webpage that Xibo could then show. Although others might have a better idea on this.

You can more or less import the data of a text file if it is in comma separated value format. I tried to find a walk-through here on the community, but I did not find one. There are several conversations about it, so a search of the community might help.

Here is an example of using datasets:

I would assume that the queue would change frequently. If this is the case I think outputting the queue information to a file that a webpage could phrase and Xibo could then display would be the way to go. This is because Xibo is not really made to show continuously changing data. (Although this could change in 1.8, but that is a ways off) Xibo usually updates it data on a set schedule, say every 5-10 minutes. You can adjust this, however having displays constantly checking in, can produce a lot of traffic. If you use a webpage, Xibo can be set to grab a new copy of the page each time it loads. And if the page is phrasing the info from a data file using Java, you should be able to make the page show close to real time.

Do either of these options sound feasible?

Thanks cslaughter ,

really thanks for the advise , however eversince yesterday we had trying hard to push an testing data and add in the region to display a webpage , however at most we only can see the webpage change up to maximum 3 times , and each of the region layout duration we set it as 1 minute and 11 seconds.

we notice this changes only valid to change up to 3 times , after that , the webpage region are only keep on showing the last information .

kindly advise on this ?

So it sounds like you have managed to push the data from the queue system to a web page. However in Xibo you can only see the page through 3 refreshes and then it stops displaying the page. Is this correct?

Can you please explain how you setup Xibo to display the webpage? Did you just use a layout with one region and then adding the webpage to the region? Did you use the scheduler to schedule the layout, or did you just make the layout the default layout for the display? Is the Xibo client Windows or Android?

Whao , seems like require very details.

Alright , i try to to explain in a much more simple way :slight_smile:

we did try to have adding a background and then a smaller REGION which is WEBPAGE COMPONENT and at the weblink we input as :

As that link able to show the whenever any time the web browser link refresh , it shows random picture , so we know that the system are able to work

We also did try to make just only One Layout to display to show One full screen , however is also the same. It only able to refresh 3 times , and then from there on the layout are refreshed , but the REGION of the picture of the WEBPAGE is only show up to 3 times , after that it only show the last picture .

We set the layout duration for 1 minutes and 11 second , so we did notice the layout did refresh but not for the REGION WEBPAGE . And yes we did set the DISPLAY to display default layout of this testing.

XIBO CLIENT are using same PC as the SERVER which is in WINDOWS PC .

Anyways to solve the refresh screen ? If this solve then we can proceed to the next level and i think we will be almost complete what we intended too.

Thank you for the information.

I think this thread may solve your issue:

Thanks for the reply ,

However after viewing the thread , i still have no idea on what was and how they able to solve the problem , i only know they mention is TTL and XIBO is using INTERNET EXPLORE Technology , when i can change the configuration too ?

I not really understand how they solve .


The windows Xibo client is reliant on internet explorer. So that means that any configuration setting and changes made to internet explorer will also affect how the Xibo client displays webpages.

I the thread I posted, the user was able to fix the issue by changing internet explorer to always check for newer versions of the page every time. To do this in internet explorer, bring up Internet Options -> Settings button -> Put a dot in “Everytme I visit the webpage” -> click ok - > and click ok again. Restart the machine just in case, and hopefully it will now work as expected. If not then you may need to make a few registry changes. (I can’t find the thread on what to change at the moment. If you need them, I am sure I can find them)

Hi Cslaughter ,

Thanks for the reply and after battling to try on error on the duration timing , and of cause with your help , we manage to get things solve which we had manage to accomplish what we had wanted to. !!

Thanks for your help , your advise of the INTERNET EXPLORER are much easy to understand .

However now our new issue is the duration was not accurate when ever new images are show to the screen.

Glad to hear progress is being made.

Are you saying that after the queue system updates the webpage, you are not seeing the change soon enough on the Xibo Client?

Hi cslaughter ,

Yup , glad we had pass the previous step , but now we have another issue which is the duration are not as accurate as what we had input .

As we had set the LAYOUT to display the webpage for 3 min , however the timing of a repeat layout to be display sometime the delay is around 3 to 4 second only the new same layout had appear .

cloud it be because of the buffer time between new layout and old layout do have the buffer time ?

Yes I would think that would be the main problem. If you are looking for something more exact, I am not sure that Xibo can do that. You could try taking the results from the queue system like you are but use Javascript to change the values in close to real time on a webpage. I am no expert in Javascript, so unfortunatly I am not 100% positive that would work.

after few days of fine tuning , i think we had solve what of the durations will causes , and of cause there is no perfect in all area , so we end up just add buffer for 2 or 3 second more for each of our layout .

however now we had another issue which is there any possible to have support LIVE VIDEO INPUT ?
in fact at the XIBO forum , we unable to find any of this solution .

so wonder does XIBO able to have LIVE VIDEO INPUT ? so that we can have a live video display into the client .


Xibo does not directly have a module for streaming live TV, but many users have done it. I would suggest looking here for ideas and some ways users have gone about doing so.

Honestly ,

thanks for the help for so far , however we had been trying to deal with the TV TUNER combine with the streaming , however still fail.

or is there any method besides this can be done ?


I think you have reached the extent of my very limited knowledge on streaming live to Xibo. I wish I could help more. I would suggest starting a topic/question and see if some other can shed some more light on what you would like to accomplish.

Hi nxgame,

I think you need to open a streaming server, and install OBS on your PC with tv tuner. OBS will then export tv tuner the streaming as RTSP or other streaming protocol that you can add it to XIBO.

Hi nxgame,
i believe i know what you need.
You are having a queue system for clients that normally are waiting to be served and you want to show the currently served number on top of your screen correct?

If this is correct,
you can achieve it and display in Xibo player.
You will however need to first read the data from the queue device in order to be able to distribute it to Xibo player.

Best regards