Webpage contents does not update

Hello All,

Maybe I am missing something, but I have a problem with updating webpages. I have a layout with tickers, embedded webpage (weather), and webpages pointing to a local web server.

Now, everything is updated (news and weather), but the local webpages not. If I browse manually to the webpage, I see the new updated webpage, but in Xibo there is no refresh of the webpage. It seems it is stuck / cached with the first page. If I stop and start the web server, and stop and start the client, most of the time it is updated, but I thought Xibo is always showing the latest webpage, and not a cached one.

The embedded webpage which will display rain radar is always the latest. SO it has nothing to do with not updating regions I was thinking ?

Am I doing something wrong ?

Hi Gino,

You might want to use embedded module for that too
Basically webpage module is good for publicly accessible webpages, embedded module for local sites.
So something like:

<iframe src="Your file:/// link", width=600, height=1024></iframe>

Since you already using it you probably know that, but hey :smile:

As for the webpages module in general, yes it should refresh the site every time layouts reloads

Hi Peter,

Thanks for the quick answer. I think I know the problem already. I think it has to do with TTL. I opened the same webpage locally on the server, in Internet Explorer, and saw the old page. When I clicked on F5, it refreshed to the new one. In Xibo you cannot to a refresh with F5, so that’s why it is still showing the old page.

Now, the webpages are saved .HTML excel sheets with all kinds of production numbers in it, so maybe I can make a change in the XAMPP server (I am using the same webserver for Xibo, as for the 10 webpages).

I think it is solved completely now. Because Xibo is using the Internet Explorer browser, I changed the settings for when IE should pickup a new page, when visiting it. It was configured for automatically (which is good for normal usage of the browser), but after changing it to always, it is now updating directly.

As always, after you solved the problem, you think, hmmm, it was that easy… :slight_smile:

Yeah, that happens too often :smile:

Anyway, I am glad that you were able to solve this problem!

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