Automatically change a Xibo screen to one interrupt layout from one external system

I’m trying to use Xibo as a Queue Management System.

I saw this other link which have some tips about how to do it: Need help for XIBO DIGITAL SIGNAGE with Queuing Management System

I think we can use the Interrupt Layouts to show the next appointment on a full screen Layout with a little sound to notify customers about a change. But my question it’s if we can enable this interrupt layout in a automated system, instead of placing schedules.

The system should be:

  1. Worker requires next customer to enter in our system
  2. Our system should create a scheduler or send a signal to Xibo system to change to the interrupt layout.
  3. The interrupt layout it’s shown loading a webpage with the last change and the nexts appointments.
  4. Xibo continues with the usual layout.

My question it’s if number 3 can be done within one API/Webservice on Xibo by creating a schedule from an external system. Or better asking directly Xibo within one API/Webservice to change now to some interrupt layout in one screen.

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Android Players on DSC9.

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