Multi-monitor using a single pc

Hi to everyone,
is possible to use a single pc with different Windows player installed on it to run different content on different display?
For example, if i use an HDMI splitter , so for Windows I have just one extended monitor. And running different player with this kind of layouts:
n1 - without offset
n2 - with a 1920 offset
n3 - with a 3840 offsett ecc.

it can work?

Yes, you can. You need to install 3 separate Player applications, and assign each a different Display Settings Profile in the CMS.

It’s covered here:

All three Players will generate the same key, so you’ll need to change that on two of them:

Thank u so much!
So it can work even if my pc has only one HDMI port?
I’m using a Minix NEO z64.

I’ll try to wxplain my problem.
I have 5 different monitor and i need to show different content on each monitor. But I would like to use hust one pc, and not one for every monitor.
So you said it is possible, but I just have to change the ID of the players?

You’d need an HDMI port per instance of the software you wanted to run. You can’t output multiple screens worth of data over a single HDMI port.

i got min working…BUT,…watchdog can only watch one instance…the last started instance is watched and therefore restarts if it stops running…so the other running instance wont restart in case it shuts off…there is only one watchdog instance so 1 of the 2 players wont be watched / reload…Mr. Alex, any solution?

Let me revive this topic as I’m having the same issues.
I’ve configured Xibo as a Multi-Instance for two displays, following the instructions of the article.
If I start the two players manually, both players start but only one Watchdog is coming up (first installed Xibo Player).
If I start the Watchdogs manually, only the first player is starting and I have two Watchdog instances related to the first player.
If I set the two players to start on Windows 10 Pro startup, only the first player is starting.

I can’t figure out what’s wrong here as I’ve renamed the players like “Xibo Player.exe” and “Xibo Player2.exe”. The same for the Watchdogs along with modifying the configuration files accordingly.

Can somebody help me out?

For a completely different reason I abandoned the inbuilt Xibo watchdog some time ago and now use a program called “restart on crash” - Download from here - I believe it will allow you to monitor more than one instance of the same program in this case xibo if it’s called something slightly different in each case or xibo is run from alternative installation folders.