Missing Forecast IO Icons on new Xibo client builds

I have 19 Windows 7 64-bit computers with Xibo Client version 1.7.7 installed and a Windows 2012 R2 server with CMS 1.7.5 installed. The Windows clients have 1.7.7 installed because .NET was crashing so frequently with the 1.7.5 client installed, it was recommended that I overwrite the 1.7.5 exe with the 1.7.7 exe to resolve the issue in 2016. Of the 19 clients, four are new windows Windows 7 64-bit builds.

I created a new layout from scratch and deployed it to the four new Xibo clients and the Forecast IO weather icons did not appear and the Poiret One font is not being used. I deployed several of the 14 layouts that work on the existing 15 Xibo clients to the four new builds and the icons did not appear nor is it using the Poiret One font. Patch “xibosignage/xibo-cms/blob/develop/lib/data/media.data.class.php#L831” was applied to the CMS server in 2016 to resolve this issue when I first deployed the Xibo 1.7.5 and CMS. I have been researching the issue on this forum for the past several hours, but have not found a resolution.

This is what has been done.
-cleared the local client cache and restarted the computer.
-changed the date format to YYYY-MM-d HH:mm:ss under Regional setting on the CMS.
-tried the IE HTML registry key fix.
-I assigned the font to one of the Xibo clients.
-Installed Xibo client 1.7.8 on one computer.

This is what I have observed:
-The weather icons are listed in the required files list.
-I am not getting any errors in the Client Information and Status window.

We do not have licenses for Windows Server 2016 and we are not running Windows 10 in our environment, so I cannot upgrade to 1.8.2.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Here is what I am seeing on the four new builds.

This is what I am supposed to see and is working on the 15 other Xibo clients.

It would best to upgrade the CMS and players to 1.7.9 at this point.

I don’t think you want to use this date format, unless you’re using international dates as well for some reason - I’d say set it to the default Y-m-d H:i

That could very well be it, please double check that IE11 is installed on all machines and the browser emulation registry key is added in the correct path on all machines.

I assume they are downloaded? (100% on status screen)

Do you have a background image on this layout? (is it .jpg format?) Is it the same with the usual forecast template without any changes to css and no background image?

You could also try to run the verify all on Modules page and restart not working clients.

Failing that you can uninstall the player, completely remove the local library and AppData xibo config files, then reinstall the player and try again.

If that also won’t help, you might need to enable additional debugging on the player to see if it will log anything regarding this issue.

Since it works on most of your devices, I assume the layout itself is not a problem, while it would seem that the CMS/players versions aren’t either, we would still recommend upgrade to 1.7.9 if possible.


Thanks for the response.

  • All machines have IE 11 installed with the latest updates and the IE HTML 5 fix did not work on the machine I updated to 1.7.8.
  • The weather icons are listed in the required files list, have 100% download status, and are in the local Windows client library.
  • I ran verify on all modules several times before posting. I forgot to mention that in my original post. Sorry about that.
  • I have a cloud background image in the layout and a region on top of it.
  • I will change the date time format to the default settings, Y-m-d H:i.
  • I will completely remove the local library and AppData Xibo config files, reinstall the player and try again.
  • I will upgrade to CMS 1.7.9 and Windows Player 1.7.9 to see if it resolves the issue as last resort.

I will let you know the results.

Thanks again.


  • Changed the date time format back to default settings, Y-m-d H:i.
  • Uninstalled the Xibo Windows Player, removed all files in the local library, deleted the Xibo config files in AppData, and restarted the Xibo client computer.
  • Installed Xibo Windows Player 1.7.9 on the same player.
  • Verified that the HTML5 registry key was applied after the 1.7.9 installation.
  • Ran Verify All modules.
  • There are no errors in “Client Information and Status” and all files are 100%.


The font is working, but the weather icons still do not appear.

I do have a 1024x768 cloud background with a 1024x768 region on top of it.

Before updating the server and all clients to 1.7.9, I would like view any debugging information that the player is logging. Where do I find that information?

Thanks in advance!

You can enable auditing on the player (Displays page -> Edit display -> Advanced tab)

Create a display profile with log level set to auditing, perhaps even with this How to get a Windows Player log for advanced debugging

the path does not need to be to the library /log.txt, but it’s a reasonable choice.

After you have that new display profile, you’d need to assign it to your display on Displays page -> edit -> advanced tab.

The either Log page in CMS (you can filter the logs to show only messages from this display + adjust the duration), or the log created in the path you’ve set in the new display profile.

Regarding date format, is it the default one with international dates now?

Could you try it, perhaps on a separate layout, without the background image, just to confirm that it’s not a problem (it shouldn’t be, but I’d like to confirm that).

I figured out the issue and feel embarrassed! When I deploy Windows machines with service accounts, I deploy a particular Windows 7 image that is restricted in order to lock it down. When I deployed the image in 2015 to my original 15 Xibo machines, I had the same weather icon issue. I determined that the Internet Explorer restrictions were too restrictive and I had to create a GPO that loosened some of the restrictions. I forgot to add the four new computers to the security group that is associated with the GPO. All of the new computers are displaying the weather correctly now. Thank you for your help and have updated my Xibo client documentation.

I plan to leave the CMS server at 1.7.5 and upgrade the other 15 clients to 1.7.9 because I like the Watch Dog feature.

I see, that makes sense then, apologies but I didn’t expect that, hence didn’t ask questions in this direction :slight_smile: