Memory error in 1.8.2 ("Your computer is running low on memory")

Recently we switched from 1.7.9 to 1.8. We planned to start with 1.8.1 but when 1.8.2 was released we decided to use the most recent version.

Both server and clients are running 1.8.2. We are using several players (Intel Compute Stick STK1AW32SC) on Windows 10.

Our clients are installed in the whole country so we do not physically see most of them. Recently one of our customers informed us that a couple of screens were only showing scheduled HTML content. The other content (mp4 files) were only showed as a black screen.

This has never happened before on 1.7.9 with:

  • Same customer
  • Same content
  • Same hardware

When looking at the log on the server, we noticed errors like this one:

C:\Users*****\Documents\Xibo Library\376.mp4. Ex = Your computer is running low on memory. Quit other programs, and then try again.

When opening Task Manager on any of the clients, no more than 70 % of the 2 GB memory is used. A client with the same hardware, same content and client 1.7.9 does not seem to have these problems.

On some of our 1.8.2-clients the problem reoccurs within a couple of days. On the other devices the problem have not occurred in the last week.

Since the problems have never occurred in the six months we have been using 1.7.9 with this customer, I strongly believe it has something to do with the latest version of Xibo. But how can we find out what causes this?

It might have something to do with Windows media player as well or Windows 10 update, as it may have memory leak for example, that being said if it’s on ~70%, while that’s not low it should not cause problems.

2G memory with Windows 10 is certainly not much, although as I said it should be ok in most cases.

You can enable additional logging/auditing on the player How to get a Windows Player log for advanced debugging (please read it carefully and do use separate display profile for it)

The path does not need to be Xibo Library/log.txt it might be somewhere else, but library in most cases is a good place to save those logs.

If you will then send me the logs via private message, we will have a look at them.

Thanks for your feedback Peter.

I have made a new display profile and assigned it to six of our players. After that I rebooted them.

Now I am almost hoping that the problem reoccurs on one of these clients :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll get back at you when I have more information.

Any news regarding this issue? We are having exactly the same problem right now.