Lost everything after reboot


I’ve lost everything after reboot my computer.

How can i get my datas back ?

Version : 1.8.9


I assume you’re referring to data lost in the Xibo CMS not a general problem with the PC.

Are you using Docker for Windows by any chance?
If so, the stop and start commands should fix that https://xibo.org.uk/manual/en/install_docker_win10_64bit.html#special_considerations

ie your user created content isn’t lost, but due to a bug in docker for windows it does not correctly appear unless you restart the containers.

Yes it’s in the Xibo CMS.

I already restart with the following command
cd c:\Xibo
docker-compose stop
docker-compose start

But still data lost.

Can you use TMV to help me, please ?
Everything was working fine until now and i’ve to install Xibo in 2 days to my Customer.

Could you do the down and the up commands then please.

The up command without -d it will show you what its doing and if there are any errors in that process let us know.

Creating network “xibo-docker-189_default” with the default driver
Creating xibo-docker-189_cms-xmr_1 … done
Creating xibo-docker-189_cms-db_1 …

docker-compose up is blocking at this step

docker-compose up finished but data still lost

is the /shared folder with your library and content in it present?

That is rather odd that even after recreating the containers it does not show you it correctly.

You could try resetting docker to factory default, share the C drive again and run the up command again.

Obviously that should not be required, usually the stop/start commands were all that was needed after PC restart.

Yes i’ve /shared folder with content it (videos and images).

I’m trying to resetting docker

It works but when i restart again, i lost again the datas.
Do i have to restart manualy every time ?

I’d expect that stop and start commands are all you need to do after PC reboot.

I’m glad that it works for you now after docker reset, perhaps something else has happened there, was the docker updating or perhaps windows?

You can certainly try restarting your PC and see in what state Xibo CMS will be after stop / start now.

No update.

I restart my PC : no data
After docker-compose stop / start : i’ve the data.

There are no other solutions ?
My Customer is not a specialist and i can ask to him to restart everyday whereas he should just have to start the computer

I thought that before you didn’t have data after that? Hence why we did the docker factory reset

As for Docker for Windows and start/stop after reboot, that’s unfortunately a bug in the docker for windows, a such yes it needs to be run after PC/server reboots.

Powershell script/task that runs after reboot is a good work around for it
Restarting Computer Bug - #7 by Chandler