Linux Player - Technology Preview 0.3.3-alpha


Hi Alex.

I am getting this error after running

xibo-play-test --host host_IP --server-key server_key --hardware-key random_hardware_key
[error]: SOAP Resolved host with error: Host not found (authoritative)

However I have connected to the CMS via Windows player with the exact IP of the host server. Can you offer some guidance to this issue. I’m running Ubuntu 18.04.


Are you putting http://host_IP or just host_IP?


Hi @Alex,
Have you any idea when a release with HTTPS support will be available?
Many thanks


Hi Alex,

snap list is as below :-

One more query, the blog is about alpha, and the xibo-player-test command as below is running on beta :-

snap install xibo-player-test --channel=beta
xibo-player-test --host --server-key yourkey --hardware-key yourhardwarekey

Is there a mismatch because of this also?



You’re running the correct thing. The channel is called beta but you can see you’re running 0.3.3-alpha

If it still isn’t working with your CMS, then I’d advise running it against a Docker-based CMS which is configured correctly for you. You’ll still need to load the middleware in that case.


We test against a CMS with https support, so I’d expect that to work. Do you have port 80 hitting the CMS and the CMS handling the redirection?

To be very clear this isn’t a functional client at the moment. It’s there so you can test rendering on a few key layouts to find any issues with that early on. It won’t work for you as a Player at the moment.


Hi @alex

We were getting some issues as per my earlier post (December). Our CMS is set to only accept HTTPS. I took this to mean that it would not work?

The Player you build with Docker should be the same. If you’re getting a 301 that suggests to me that the CMS you’re connecting to is causing a redirect (perhaps from HTTP to HTTPS). Post requests can’t follow redirects, and the player supports only HTTP connections at the moment.

For further clarification, i’m using the same CMS that we have working with the standard Windows clients.


The CMS I’m testing against answers on port 80 and 443, but Xibo handles pointing the Player to use SSL rather than the webserver doing it. To enable that, you tick the Force HTTPS option in the CMS settings and disable any redirects on the webserver.


Just HOST_IP (ie.


So IP and port then, not just the IP address. I’m not sure that’s going to work at this stage.


What would be an alternative to get this working?


It’s only a development preview. It won’t work for you as a proper player. It runs once, downloads a layout and plays it. If you don’t have a suitable CMS then I’d wait for later versions which will support this (although it’s unlikely to be in the next version)


I am actually just testing different platforms for a production environment. Obviously we are able to use the Windows player, but the company has a full-fledged Linux-based IT management infrastructure in place so we have high preference for Linux-based systems. Anyhow, I did end up getting the player working by running the host on the default port in Docker (eliminating the need to add port to the host argument).


Not sure if this has been reported before but video playback as a default layout will not loop the video. After the duration of the video, logs will show

[13:13:03] [debug]: [VideoHandler] End of stream

and the screen will be black indefinitely. Turning on the loop? option when editing the region in the layout does not seem to do anything either.

EDIT: Looks like one of the values for the weather widget is not working as well.

** Message: 13:16:47.838: console message: file:///path/to/xibo-player-test/resources/24.html @6: Viewport argument value “[[viewportwidth]]” for key “width” is invalid, and has been ignored.


Hi Alex,

It worked with the server configurations as you mentioned.
It starts the player, then downloads the content -

  1. when single item inside layout (say image / video), it plays there, and stops.
  2. when multiple layouts inside a campaign (layout 1 = image, layout 2 = video), then also it plays the first in sequence and then stops.

I see that people have already asked about the same issue.

  1. How do you think we can loop the items? within campaign as well as single layout.
  2. If the updates will be in future, what will we have to change? the CMS or the player has to be newly installed by snap?



As it stands, it will play the layout once and that’s all. It’s not supposed to do anything more at this stage.

If you’re trying to use it as a Player at this stage then it’s not ready for that. The point of us releasing it to you is so you can test specific layouts and give feedback on rendering performance. It’s not ready to be used.


Please see my reply here:

It will play the layout through once and that is all. It is not designed to loop the layout yet.


Ok. Great.

If I have to run this on a T2/T3/Rpi board (that doesn’t have a GUI essentially), will it work? Although its armhf architecture and I believe that’s not supported.
But I want to give it a spin.

Without the GUI elements, would it still work?


No it won’t work. Only x86 architecture is supported at the moment.


Hi Alex,

-bash: xibo-player-test: command not found

This is the error coming on centos rhel distribution
(after following both the commands )

snap install xibo-player-test --channel=beta
xibo-layer-test --host --server-key yourkey --hardware-key yourhardwarekey