Linux Player - Technology Preview 0.3.3-alpha


I’ve not tested with RHEL and don’t intend to. I think you might be missing the point of us giving these previews somewhat. It’s for you to test rendering on a known working configuration. It isn’t there for testing edge-cases at this time.



Continuing on AMD64.
We are trying to build the source code that is given to us.

  1. Upgraded CMAKE from 3.5 to 3.13 (as recommended)
  2. Used cLion IDE to import and run the code, and we see this error as below :-

Could you please support us in where we are getting stuck?



I’m afraid I can’t no.

That’s not what these development preview releases are about. We have provided you a sensible means to run and test the software, and that is what you need to use.


Ok sure… so far the alpha mode runs, as per your documentation.
That’s the conclusion.



Hi guys, I’m getting this Player failed to start: /resources/2.xlf(470): unexpected end of data


I would test with the 0.4 alpha as that already supersedes this.