License approval missed from xibo client installation

Hello xibo community.
Allow me to expose my problem.
Itwas one year that we are using Xibo in our inter-enterprise for communications
campaigns at Madagascar.
We have two sites interconnecting through a WAN.

Either local 1 has a subnet where locate the server CMS xibo 1.7.7 and 22 xibo clients connected and the second local 2 that has a sub network where are located 12 xibo clients connected should display different campaigns.

For local 1, xibo client installation is success and well monitored by the server CMS in case of the local 2 all xibo
client installation are not notify to the CMS server in local 1. No notice of approval from
administrator received.
I would like to have your expertise and advice the best practice to do to install xibo client located at the local 2 and will be monitored by the CMS server and get a licensing request to the CMS

You need to ensure that the client ID is unique on each Player.

Open the Player settings, move to the Advanced tab, and change a few characters in the ID, then send your licence request again by click Save.

Thanks lot. I will verify the setup according to your suggestion

Hi Alex,

Thanks so much, the solution work very well.