Layout with dataset will load and immediately go to the next layout

I have three layouts. Two of the three are fully static content and load with no issue. I have a third layout that pulls a dataset to display the last time there was an incident. On the preview of the layout it shows the correct number. However when this layout is displayed on a screen the screen will load for a second two and move onto the next layout. When I remove the dataset “Number” the layout loads with now problem. I followed this guide Building an 'Hours since last incident' counter with DataSets. There are no dataset tickers so I used the dataset number.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Maybe this will help. My player is not downloading the content it seems

It appears that some files are corrupt. To resolve this, you can take the following steps:

  1. Remove the Library folder located at C:/Users/YOUR_USERNAME/Documents/
  2. Delete the config under %appdata%
  3. Afterward, restart the player and reauthenticate it

I did that. Still getting this

Still cant get the dataset to display on the layout. Keep getting a “Cache not ready” error on the information screen. Should I try to run the screen in a linux player instead of windows?

Please add a font to your Média Library (CMS)
On some installation, fonts.css don’t create.

Thanks. But that isn’t solving the dataset issue.

Attached are the photos. The only issue now seems to be the dataset. Any help? Looks like there are a couple people with this issue with no help on it.

Have you tried @Schweminska solution?

Have you tested it on another player?

Thanks for replying! I don’t get the invalid file anymore since I fixed the font issue. Now it is just dataset cache not ready error on the player. I tried to also delete and reconfigure. I am going to try to go to the next update. V4.0.10

Yes, and try with another player, or clear player cache like this:

I have done that. So fresh install and I tried with another player. I keep getting this

If I remove the dataset widget in the layout the layout loads with no errors.

Could you please take a screenshot to your widget “DataSet” under your Layout ?

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Ok and under “Filters” settings ?

I set that to more than 0. I didn’t think you needed a filter or if you left it empty it would just display.

Normally yes,

How is your dataset created?